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A little confusion with the 2500 movement.

Originally Posted by Chevelle007 View Post
Here's a pic with the date.

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As said above your 45mm PO watch (nice! ) is either a 2500D after getting a new movement (unlikely as think it would had got a new serial number in the case matching the new movement serial number) or Omega just told you incorrect information and it is a 2500C.

People say serials after 85,25X,XXX are the ones with the 2500D movement. My 2509.50 is serial # 846895XX and it is a 2500C as confirmed by a watchmen with access to the Omega database. 2500C movements are very reliable so would not worry about not having a 2500D.

In my case I like the font of the new D date wheel more than the one on the older 2500C and will just source the wheel and have a watchmen to swap them eventually. Just in case this is Omega reference number of the 2500D black wheel:

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