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“White Stella”? I have questions ...

From time to time I’ll see a Day-Date described as having a “white Stella” dial, and ... I have questions!

First, is/was there any such thing? Did Rolex even make the Stella enamel/lacquer dials in white?

Second, two photos are below (both of these are described as having “white Stella” dials). The first, with the red Omani khanjar, seems to have more or less regular 6-digit-DD printing, with the Romans-and-railroad chapter ring in black. The second one is different, with the Romans and chapter ring (& presumably all the text also?) printed in a highly reflective gold - see it up near the 11-12 markers.

Is either of these a white Stella (if such a thing even exists)? Is the second one, with the gold chapter ring, perhaps actually a factory porcelain dial? Does the reflective gold chapter ring tell us anything - That it is a porcelain dial, a white Stella, a fake, or does it tell us nothing?

Thanks as always for the wealth of knowledge which is found here, and most especially for the consistent generosity in sharing it.
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