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Is it a Frankenwatch? Link Question

Background: Iíve found a very good price on a 116710BLNR, however the bracelet is sized to 6.75Ē and I have a 7.25Ē wrist and no extra links are provided. However I do own a 116300 DJII with polished center links but Iíve noticed the bracelet code is different though the links seem to be the same size.

I have a few questions regarding adding additional links.

1) is a Link a link? - Will an oyster polished center link from another six digit watch like a DJII or Daytona fit the same as one from another GMT Master II

2) i donít see any markings on my extra link so is there any way of telling which watch or reference a link originally came from and would it affect future resale value?

3) Generally speaking, does adding links from other period correct watches technically make for a Frankenwatch in your opinion?
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