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Originally Posted by How View Post
One of these pliers, at the 3:44 mark in this video:

I have the Bergeon 6825-PF pliers, however the fine 'PF' forks (that Bergeon has specifically claimed to have produced especially to fit through smaller Rolex bracelet end link gaps to reach the springbar), are still too wide and doesn't fit though the end link gap to reach the springbar on my SubC and DSSD.

Hence the 6825-PF cannot be used for my SubC and DSSD.

Anyone know where to get one of these pliers that Rolex used to quickly put the bracelet onto the TT GMTIIc in this video?
It's a tool named Ref 3200 and it's very hard to find. Only the dealers can buy it and it's not for sale to regular people.
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