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Originally Posted by wulfman View Post
I have already taken it to my bank safe therefore I can't show you pictures of it at the moment, but I can confirm for sure that it is a Z-Series watch dated on July 2012.

It's surely an "normal" Rolex anomaly. I've never seen an older series than Random or G-series, which has this thin-framed Dial...
Interesting. Could it have been originally delivered during 2007/8 with a black dial, and had a recent white dial added later. Still new, but not originally delivered like that? A lot of (unsold) watches are changed by ADs, with new dials for example. Not unusual on DJs. The date of sales is obviously July 2012, since you got it then, but the watch itself could have been produced earlier and then had a new dial installed.

What is the first number after the "Z"? Do it have caliber 3186 or 3185. Engraved rehaut or not?

Just curious! And eager to learn more.

And congrats to a great reference! (I haven't enjoyed my white ExII since May... so it is about time to go get it from the safe!)


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