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Originally Posted by CFR View Post
I had complained to their local Better Business Bureau (in Dallas) back in 2005-06 -- something I've never done with any other US dealer before or after then -- and quite a few other collectors emailed me at the time about their negative experiences. I saved the emails.

But that was 15 years ago, and things might've changed for the better. Hopefully they did. Just make sure they absolutely, positively have that exact watch in their actual possession, and don't wire them money -- pay with a credit card.

Unfortunately the warranty on that watch just expired, which makes me nervous. Many people had problems with those earliest DD40's from 2015 -- the day/date would change very late on some of them. I mentioned in another thread that Rolex just replaced the entire movement in mine a few months ago, just before the 5-year warranty expired in September 2020. Personally I'd want one that's still under warranty.

I love this model though!

Ahh thank you. Yea... this dial is what im leaning towards. Its a real boss watch. My wife likes the diamond version. I do not know how it will look when you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt (in my case under armour sweat pants and a shirt).

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