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Real or Fake?

The watch in question is a Rolex Datejust 1603 36mm from around the 1970ís.

I have been gifted a Rolex for my birthday by a close family member who got it second hand, I believe from a pawn shop. I wouldnít want to upset him by asking if he checked the legitimacy himself and that is why I am asking this forum. To the best of my knowledge, and after doing my own research it is only the clasp (jubilee bracelet) that I am unsure about. This due to a few things I havenít been able to find on other watches while looking around to check this, though I am no expert at all which is why I come to this forum for an answer.

The only thing questionable about the watch itself after doing my own research appears to be that the model and serial numbers between the lugs at 12 and 6 o clock appear to have been worn away whether it be from the wear and tear of the watch (which seems likely as I believe the watch dates back to the 70ís) or other nefarious means. I can however make out the remnants of a few numbers/letters I believe upon close inspection.

Thank you, all help is appreciated.
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