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Originally Posted by dddrees View Post
Matt, for me the fact that the 5711 was SS was actualy part of the attraction. It's what I generally feel comfortable wearing.

However everyone feels differently that's why they make so many different models.
Dan, I've tried a 5711/1A on and the allure/beauty/magic/gotta-have-it just didn't happen like it did for my matte 16750. I've yet to find a 5712/1A to try on but the asymmetry and increased business of the dial layout really attracts me.

Unfortunately, I recently passed on a BNIB double sealed 3712/1A with the square ears and 7 o'clock marker precisely because I was about to put down $40k on an SS Patek, albeit a very rare one, and was not comfortable with that notion. Add to the fact I could score a BNIB double sealed 5712/1A, which looks almost identical, for about $33k just made it that much harder to digest.
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