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Originally Posted by imt2000 View Post
Thanks for the pics. I think the RSC did more than just removing the permanent link. They also polished away the "step". There's a change of "slope" on the 3rd permanent link. Normally, the "slopes" on all permanent links are the same.
That may be the case but its hardly noticable unless you look hard. I did not even notice that until you pointed out. For me, its about comfort. If I spend thousands of dollars on a watch, I'd rather have it feel comfortable on my wrist. I do not have the luxury of wearing the watch right out of the box... so I gotta do what feels right for me. We are talking about removing a permanent link, so its aways going to be imperfection whether its uneven steps or a change of slope or whatever the case may be. In my book, the RSC did a great job of hiding the uneven steps. Yeah, it may be obvious to us....WISs.... but its good enough for me.
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