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Looks great. Here is a picture - as reference. I posted it the other day on the same topic - permanent link removal. It could be interesting to compare the result.

I have exactly the same layout on my bracelet (same bracelet, but an Explorer II). But I have not polished the last fixed link, so there is still a small gap. I measured it to be 0.5 mm on each side. RSC seems to have done a great job on your bracelet, and it makes me wonder if I should not have my bracelets (yes, several) polished in the same manner, to remove the visual gap.

The fit is quite tight on my wrist, and I like it like that, and I find it to be perfect. On older oyster bracelets where some stretch has occured the removal of a fixed link becomes even more important for a good fit.

I measured my wrist, its about 6.5 inches, a bit smaller if cold, a bit bigger if warm.


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