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This is what he wrote on the dispute:

10/15/2017 21:34 EDT - Buyer: Hi.I have purchased this Tudor Black Bay from you recently and have been quite happy with the purchase, but some aspects of the quality and finishing bothered me (such as the rotating action of the bezel and the crown, it felt rusty and not smooth). I also noticed that the serial number engraved on the case of the watch did not match that of the number printed on the authenticity card. I started to suspect that this watch was a counterfeit and submitted it to Rolex Australia for an assessment and unfortunately regretfully informed me that the watch was a replica and not a genuine Tudor timepiece. Naturally, I am very upset about this and considering the huge amount of money I have spent on it, I would like to receive a full refund for this purchase. Please see attached pictures of all evidence. I will be waiting for correspondence from PayPal to find out what are the next steps in proceeding with this. I sincerely hope that you were not aware of this watch being counterfeit, and are not in the business of ripping people off intentionally, as that is very cruel.Peter
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