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As many others have commented, great review. Your writing and photography are top notch. Bravo!

I was smitten by the 58 based on several reviews (very few as eloquently written as yours), but after trying the 58 back to back on my wrist with the 41, I chose the 41. Yes, it's "bulkier", but I don't find the extra bulk a distraction after the watch bracelet was properly sized, and like the "presence" on the wrist. I also agree that the 58's thinner case is a benefit, but again the 41 only disturbed me when looking at it from the side. On the wrist, under a cuff, the "side slab" isn't visible. With more casual wear it is visible, but again, for me, the extra bulk isn't an issue, and to some degree I think it complements the larger size case.
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