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FS; Grand Seiko sbgv009 $2850

Hi everyone,
Up for sale today is my Grand Seiko sbgv009. I purchased her from a good friend as a complete kit. Iíll call the watch in excellent condition at 90% according to TZ standards. This is a limited-edition GS that commemorates the very first Grand Seiko made with the date function, one of 1200 made. As stated, the watch is in excellent condition and appears to be new on the wrist. The sapphire top hat crystal is flawless, and the dial, hands and hour markers are spectacular as they throw light like stainless diamonds. However, it has been worn and therefore has some swirls and very light scratches. There is a small flea bite on the very lower part of the bezel as it curves under at about the 6:33 point. Quite frankly, I did not spot it when I purchased the watch . . . thatís how small. I only found it when changing out the bracelet for the leather strap one day. One of the macro pictures shows the mark as best as I could photograph. Most of my good pictures are just plain luck. Photography is an art form and not one of my hobbies. Taking unfiltered pics of Grand Seiko watches is very tough with all the high polish areas. Anyway, if you want one to wear. . . this is your watch. If your looking for a museum piece, this probably isnít the one.
The watch is powered by a 9F movement, the near perfect time keeper. The date flips in less than a blink of the eye. She measures 10.2mm thick mostly due to the domed crystal. Case diameter is 37.2mm but it wears more like a 38-38.5. The sunray dial as you can see in the pictures is one of the best you will find. This is a vintage look piece with modern day tech. So why am I selling it? Well I really donít know! I just seem to reach for my sbgr051 more frequently when looking for a silver dial and Iím on the hunt for something different . . . maybe a sbgw235 with the vintage white/cream dial and BoR bracelet? So here are my pics.

Iíll ship the watch via USPS fully insured to PayPal only verified address. Price is $2850. I will ship the watch beyond U.S. boarders only if the buyer is willing to assume all responsibility for the watch once it has left U.S. boarders and willing to pick up the additional postage and payment feeís. Should you have any questions or need any other pictures just contact me via pm. Listed below are links to some of my feedback over the years, I tend to grade my watches harshly in order to never disappoint a WUS member. Thanks, Kevin

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