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(Deep sigh) Seems quite a few TRF members are either snowbirds so back home or are busy :( Will take lots of pics :)

About The NAWCC
In 1943, three watch collectors formed a club for horology enthusiasts called The Watch Collectors Club. When the club added clock collectors, they changed the name to the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors. Today, the NAWCC has nearly 10,000 members worldwide.

The NAWCC is committed to being the world leader, educator, and advocate for horology and for everyone interested in timepieces and the art and science of timekeeping.

In pursuit of those goals, the NAWCC:
Operates a Museum with the largest collection of international timepieces in North America
Maintains the largest horological research library
Offers workshops providing opportunities to learn about and care for timepieces
Conducts ongoing symposiums, regional meetings, and annual conventions
Publishes two bi-monthly periodicals: Watch & Clock Bulletin and Mart & Highlights
Produces regular podcasts on a variety of topics
Operates the largest online horological forum, the NAWCC Message Board
Publishes books written by members who are respected authorities on a variety of topics
Sells classic and modern horological books....


And yes various timepiece / horology dealers, watchmakers, etc will be there. If you have a timepiece that needs WP testing, you may be in luck, and of course if you have a vintage pocket watch that could use some love, the NAWCC has very experienced members who would be happy to help you.

Learn more @
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