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Originally Posted by Blansky View Post
We often rent kayaks and go up the river at Hanalei Bay. Or do the trip up the Wailua River.

The mother-in-law has a system. She sits and I paddle. SERIOUSLY?????..... she is 88, but c'mon.

And we race my wife and her sister, which is easy because they can't paddle in a straight line.

We did the Wailua River kayak up then hike the muddy jungle trail to Secret Falls a few years ago. It was amazing!! I'm glad we did it. We were late 50s at the time and it took a lot. At least going UP the river and on the trail where we didn't know how long it would take. Now coming back and going DOWN river was easy!!!

Glad to hear you are able to treat your MIL so well. You are very fortunate!!

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