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I got this watch earlier this year and it was my first AP. I absolutely love it. I have decent sized wrists, but was looking for something a little more understated and this does the trick.

I had a strong hookup at a boutique (a few friends with significant purchase history) but was told they only get 1-2 pieces a year, and I'd likely have to buy my wife a millenary to even have a chance.

A month or so later I pulled the trigger on a grey market pre-owned model for $36.5K. A month after that I got the call from the boutique that they had one for me (even the SA was surprised it went through). I sold the grey for what I paid for it.. Now wishing i would have held as its gone up to ridiculous territory.

FWIW I also think it will likely be discontinued soon - new chrono movement won't fit in this case and for some reason AP sees it as a women's watch. I dont have huge wrists and had to add a link for it to fit.
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