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Removing a "fixed" link from Oyster bracelet

Originally Posted by acce1999 View Post

I have removed fixed links on several oyster bracelets.

- - snip - -


I also removed a permanent link from my GMT Master II 16710s oyster bracelet myself (after the only Rolex service center in my city refused to do so) by following the above instructions.

Before, 6o clock side with 5 permanent links:

Tools used:

All prepped up:

Extra link removed (and destroyed in the process):

After, 4 fixed links on the 6o clock side with a minor step in taper:

The process is pretty straightforward if ones ready to sacrifice one permanent link. Im aware of another method where professional watchmakers remove the link fixed to the clasp (by cutting the rivet) but since I didnt have access to such a watchmaker, this was a satisfactory option for me.

The bracelet/clasp is now nicely balanced and fitted for my 6.25 inch wrist. [emoji4]

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