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Originally Posted by krava View Post
If you have a watch and there is a small chip on the saphire crystal (can't be buffed out), does that bother you knowing it is there and you see it all the time? or like if there is a imperfection on the dial (factory dial) do you see that and nothing else? would you even buy a watch with imperfections such as those?
I certainly wouldn't buy a _new_ watch with a chipped crystal. But, for example, I have a couple-decade-old Datejust with some fine chips in the crystal edge and that's okay. It came by them honestly.

The one thing that bothers me - and keeps bothering me - is damage caused by improper repair or polishing. Nicked lugs are okay. Shiny lugs that have lost their sharp edges or acquired a wave in the top surface from a buffing wheel? Awful.
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