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Icon6 Filippo Loretti Venice Moonphase - first impression

So this maybe a bit controversial. I bought this watch mostly out of curiosity. It's currently selling for $139. There are very few people selling this in the used market; I'm not sure why that's the case. Keeping an open mind, here's my first impression. But I'm totally ready for the flaming.


The unboxing process was actually pretty good. They did a good job packaging it. The packaging was very well done. The protective film covering the dial had no bubble on it. I tried to put it back and I wasn't able to put it back flat like it was.

First impression

The watch looks really good in certain light condition. But it doesn't look well on my wrist, probably because it has too much gold. It's very light, so it doesn't feel substantial. The crown was easy to rotate, with no resistance. I think it's made of metal, but it could be anything really. The leather band is not stiff, but it's not supple either. The glass had a lot of glare from indoor light, but I have yet to take it outside.

The moon-phase is an actual moon-phase. Some internet review said it was not. So I was pleasantly surprised.

Setting the time, date, and moon-phase was actually pretty simple.

My conclusion is that it's a very nice watch for $139. The moon-phase alone is worth that price. However, having a moon-phase on such an inexpensive watch creates a dilemma. It looks expensive, but doesn't feel expensive. It's a bit of a poser watch isn't it?

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