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Air king calibre 1520 Vs. 3130

I am considering the rolex air king. My dilemma is how does the older air king 1520 movement compare to the newer 3130 movement. Is the newer movement worth the price? I would love to hear all of your opinions :-)
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I have a 1520 in my 5500 and it's running well within COSC spec.

Which 3130 were you considering? The 14000M or the 114200? The 14000m was an improved 5500. The 5500 was in production for 32 years with only minor changes. Why fix it if it isn't broken? The 5500 had a 1520 or 1530 movement depending on the era, and these movements overlapped. The 14000 came along with slightly updated dials and sapphire crystal. Also, the cal 3000 was introduced. The 14010 was also where the engine turned bezel was introduced to the standard AK line. The 14000m came along in 2000 with the only upgrade being the 3130 movement. Production of the 14000m lasted until sometime in 2007 when it was dropped for the 114200.

The 114200 has an upgraded super case but still retains its sober 34mm size, upgraded bracelet, and many new dial choices. Brand new at the AD you're looking at $5000 retail. Used, anywhere from $2900-$3700ish.

The 14000 or 14000M can be had from $2000-$2600 depending on age

The 5500 can be had for $1300-$1800 depending on many factors.

Comparing the 5500 and the 14000 are pretty easy. They're essentially the same watch but the differences between the 14000 and the 114200 are night and day. As is the price....
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I have a question but its a bit of topic, if u compare the Rolex 1520 to the Omega 562 cal, which is the better movement and why?
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