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Meet a Rolex Forums Member #4 (April 2018) - Jocke


This month I am doing a two part series the first of which is with one of the most interesting members from Sweden, Jocke. Some know but for those who do not he has an affinity for cars, watches and horology, photography, jokes and one other member who will remain anonymous but who will be part two of this month’s series. Also be sure to check out his annual Baselworld Report.

Jock was born 1962 and raised in Sweden where he still resides. He has had a long term girlfriend for close to 30 years who has a she have a son. In turn a few years ago Jocke became a proud granddad. Jocke has owned and operated an auto shop for 30 years. He started collecting watches two decades ago and began with Rolex. His dive into the Rolex brand led him to look more and more at German made and independent micro-brand watch manufacturers. A few years ago he and his friend Tony were involved in a short film project about their lives dubbed “Living the Mechanical Dream.” (I have posted a link at the bottom).

I appreciate him taking the time to let me into his world and take part. So let’s being….

You run an automobile repair shop as your day job. How are automobiles similar to automatic wrist watches?

The most comparable aspect to a car is a manual gearbox where power and motion are transported with gears similar to a watch movement.

It appears you modify and work on your own watches. When do you start doing this?

I'm not really sure but I guess it was when I had a few Rolex and when modifying a Rolex was a big no, no so get I more trigged to do some personal stuff. The problem is it is hard to find the parts and I only use genuine Rolex parts and make sure they can be as the watch can be returned to its original state. Therefore, I keep the original parts and will never sell a modified Rolex no matter what I could get for it. Over the years I received some real good offers but I will not sell them. I get questions from others if I can make them a modified Rolex watch but I only work on my own watches. My friend Tony knows a lot more about the movements so he has to do the more serious modification work on my watches.

Did your background in working on automobiles influence this?

Yes I guess it does. I have built and customized cars and bikes. When I was young and when it was fun so of course that helped me to get the guts to open a Rolex watch and work on it.

I know from your posts that you have attended Baselworld for a number of years. What is your most memorable experience?

It was when Glashütte Original invited us (me and Tony) to their office and gave us a presentation of their watches. Later that evening they took us out for a dinner. This was big for two regular guys that dream about Glashütte Original watches. I guess it was a smart move because they really made us take a serious look at their brand when we felt they treated us like kings. After that, we built a great relationship with the company and have had a lot of great experiences with them. Today both Tony and I own a handful of their watches.

How has Baselworld changed since you started attending?

The biggest change was a few years back when they rebuild the buildings.

For the better or worse (has it changed)?

Unfortunately, for worse after the rebuild. Now it feels like the event is all about the money and they are not so interested in the most interesting independent watchmakers. The event has lost a lot of micro-brands because they do not get good booth positions at the fair. Likewise, the organizers raised the prices for the exhibitors a lot so it not give them back what it costs to attend the event. This year they have closed one hall because they lost a serious number of exhibitors. IMHO the event has taken a few steps back. However, I hope they will repair in the next years.

I understand that one of the other brands you are into is Glashütte Original. How did you become interested in this brand?

Those watches are pieces of art which contain only in house movements that are a feast for the eye. They have a lot of models that “smile” at me and some really nice designs. Their fingertip feeling for both watches and customers is a combination that sings to me and makes me a happy customer.

You met one of your longtime forum friends Paul “TheVTCGuy” last year at the Las Vegas GTG. How was the experience of meeting Paul in person as well as attending the event?

Even before the Vegas GTG I feel that I knew Paul, and Anna I had met before because she is from Sweden. It was a blast to meet Paul. We had a really good time in Vegas even though he made up stories about me and told my wife (that I still have to convince her is not true). The event was very well planned by Gerardo and the only thing that was bad was I did not have enough the time to talk to everyone.

How popular is Rolex in Sweden compared to other luxury watches?

Rolex is Rolex worldwide and I think it's the same here like in US. Most models are sold out and the waiting list is long for the models everyone wants to purchase.

I have seen fantastic photographs of your watches and collection taken by you. How do you get the inspirations for your shots and what is your favorite Rolex to photograph?

I don't know how I get the inspiration but for me photographing watches is a way to relax after work. I enter my own little world and disappear with my toys. The SS/Platinum YachtMaster is my favorite Rolex to put in the front of the lens.

In general, how did you become interested in automatic wrist watches?

It was a friend of my father that always bragged about his Rolex and my dream was that one day I would get one for myself. It happened a lot of years later. When I showed the guy my watch after not seeing him in many years I found out his Rolex was not genuine. Quite interesting that his Rolex was the one that got me hooked.

What was your first Rolex, how did you get it, and what led you to acquire it?

My first Rolex was a used DateJust 16014 with a white dial and WG romans on a Jubilee bracelet. I saved for it and was very proud when I got it. But as most Rolex owners do on TRF I started saving for next one which for me was a brand new Polar Explorer II. Unfortunately, I sold my first Rolex to get some cash for the Explorer II but after that I have not sold any more Rolex watches.

What got you into the Rolex brand? What keeps you interested in Rolex?

At the start I guess it was the name Rolex that was “the best watch you can get.” In fact, I feel a little rich with a Rolex on my wrist and the status made me proud because there was not many around me that could afford an expensive watch. My parents were regular workers and we were not rich but they were working class. When I set a goal I focus to reach it. Hard work and a plan has got me where I am today so now I have a good life and the opportunity to get what I want within reasonable limits.

What separates Rolex from other Swiss luxury watch brands?

It's a tool watch and a working horse no other brand can compete with. Drop it in the concrete or meet a door post no problem just wipe it off and everything is fine again. Additionally, service costs are highly moderate in relation to the price of the watch.

When did you start collecting Rolex and how has your collection grown over years?

I started collecting watches 20 years ago and it all started with Rolex. After ten years and a dozen Rolex I changed my focus to German watches and small independent manufacturers. This is where I am today and maybe it's time for a u-turn to find another direction in my collecting strategy.

Why did you join the Rolex Forums?

Because at that time Timezone was number one but many of us got banned. Then TRF was started which was where I found my new home.

Why did you stick around?

Because I have a lot of friends at TRF and I like the members, mods and how the forum works.

What do you look for in a Rolex?

I can't say I looking for something special. When I like a watch it use to ends with buying it.

What draws you to a particular reference?

I have no answer at that question. It is different things on different references that I like.

If you had to choose in your current collection what is your favorite watch and why?

That is not easy to say. I can't just say one but often ove the years I come back to my SS/Platinum YachtMaster. I have thought about if I only kept one of my watches, but I have never figured it out which one it would be.
YM jocke.jpg

What other brands outside of Rolex interest you?

During the last ten years I have been focusing on German brands like Glashütte Original, Lange & Söhne and small independent manufacturers in Europe.

What is your grail Rolex and when do you plan on acquiring it?

Maybe a Paul Newman Daytona and I have no plan at the moment.

What Rolex do you plan on buying next?

I have given up Rolex at the moment when it comes to buying one because of their sales strategy. To stand in the line and beg to buy one is not for me. I won’t accept to paying way over MSRP. There are a lot of brands out there that appreciate their customers and do not employ this strategy.

What is the one Rolex you wish you hadn't sold or traded and why?

I have only sold one Rolex and I do not regret it. So the answer is none.

Outside of being a Rolex enthusiast / WIS what are some of your interests and how do they inter-relate to Rolex?

I don't have any other interests outside of watches and photographing watches.

If you aren’t on the Rolex forum you are probably....?

Other watch forums, browsing Youtube or babysitting.

More information about Jocke can be found below:
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WOW another terrific job Eliot of a terrific member!! Kudos to you both!!!
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Another great read! Thanks for putting it together!

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Congratulations on another great interview Eliot, MUCH appreciated! I was hoping you’d interview Jocke

Thanks Jocke, for taking the time to be interviewed Kudos
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Great read!!!

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Hi Jocke, nice to meet you.
@Etschell- amazing job, such a well written article. Well done!
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Cool, nice interview.
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Great interview as always, thanks Eliot!
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omg not this guy

Very informative also...i didn't know Paul is dating a Swedish lady.
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Congratulations again Eliot on another terrific interview and thank you and Jocke for the time and effort it takes to put these interviews together.
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Who is this Guy?

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
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Great job and Jocke is easily one of the best guys on TRF!
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A fantastic interview! It was a pleasure meeting him last year at Vegas!!! Thank you both!
Next trips: Kitchen, living room.
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Great Job! Thanks.

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Very Interesting. A great read. Thanks to Jocke and Eliot
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I guess who's next isnt a secret now
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So funny that the Rolex that got you inspired, was actually a Faux-lex!

Great write up again Eliot.
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Great job Eliot!

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nice work Eliot.

But, really would have been epic as a full Paul and Jocke interview.

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Great interview. :-)
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Excellent interview Eliot!!!! Thanks for letting us
into your world Jocke!!!
Congratulations to you both ....
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Outstanding job Eliot!!! Jocke is awesome!
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Nice write up,Eliot. Thanks Jocke for taking the time. Looking forward to the second part!
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Originally Posted by GerardoG View Post
A fantastic interview! It was a pleasure meeting him last year at Vegas!!! Thank you both!
I have to second G's comments.
Despite the high cost of living, it's still very popular.

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awesome, the legend himself!
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Great job, Eliot! You’ve really got a talent for this.

It’s nice to know what makes Jocke tick

And thank you for sharing your story, Jocke
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These are just awesome!
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Have I missed #3?

1) Dr Tom
2) DavidSW
4) Jocke?

Sent from my iPhone
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baselworld , glashutte , jocke , rolex

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