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Meet a Rolex Forums Member #5 (Mid-April 2018) - TheVTCGuy

As was teased last edition, it should come as no shock, that this edition I set out to interview one very animated member – TheVTCGuy aka Paul. Paul is one of the longest standing members of TRF and always adds to the lighthearted nature of the Open Discussion Forum.

So with a brief introduction I give you TheVTCGuy as told by him….

Some of us know your long standing internet friendship with member Jocke. How was the experience meeting him in person at last year’s Las Vegas GTG?

If I had to sum it up in one word it would be: Heartwarming. I felt as if I was seeing a brother that had moved over seas and was visiting. There was no surprise, shock, or apprehension. I felt as though we were old siblings and in person he was the same genuine, kind, good man that I have got to know over the website these last few years.

I understand you served the in the US Military during Operation Desert Storm and as an American I thank you for your service. How was the experience?

There are so many words I can use to describe it, exciting, scary, anxious, intense, but to sum it up, I guess it would be proud. I was trained by my country (and no offense to other TRFers but I believe the USA is the best country in the world) to do a job if the time ever came; war. The time did come and I accomplished my part; so did every other Sailor, Marine, Soldier, Airman, Coastguardsman and every other American that was involved. I am no hero, not by a long shot, but I performed my duties and helped others do theirs so I am proud to have served.
Medals and Tags.jpg

When you were deployed overseas what watch was on your wrist?

My Coke-GMT “Fat Lady”. The first Rolex I purchased, it was a gift to myself for earning my Navy wings in 1986.

I have seen some of your home improvement projects posted on the forum. What is the hardest home improvement project you have tackled?

Can I list all of them? It’s really hard to come up with the most difficult because NONE of them were easy, I spent a lot of time learning and trial and error (mostly error). They all worked out, some just took a lot longer and involved a lot more expense, pain and swearing then others. I am very proud of my place (as small as it is) and the fact that I completed everything myself. If I were to give advice to anyone trying to be a DIYer like myself it would be leave the electrical and plumbing to the professionals.

I heard that when you acquire a new Rolex from an AD you do so in suit and tie. Why so formal?

I am sure some TRFers laugh at this practice and frankly I don’t blame them. Yes, it’s true, Larry (BNLion) can verify as he was with me at my last purchase. To me, the purchase of a Rolex is a special event, almost hallowed. I have absolutely NOTHING against anyone purchasing a Rolex from Gray dealers, or over the internet, all the power to you. But, to me, receiving an item which I have coveted for weeks, months or even years just does not seem right if I get it in the mailbox, or meet someone in a parking lot. I understand that I am paying more for walking in and paying AD prices but it’s the whole fanfare of the event that adds to finally obtaining such a treasured piece. I wear a suit and tie, I have them make me coffee, I have the warranty and watch functions explained to me. I know, probably most people think it’s ridiculous, can’t argue, but for me, it’s just the correct way to take possession of something as meaningful as a Rolex.

When travelling what is your go to watch?

Unless I am traveling to South America I always wear my DJ41. If the situation dictates it might not be a good idea to wear a Rolex I have a Garmin or Casio.

In general, how did you become interested in automatic wrist watches?

I remember the incident clearly. I was in third grade. I saw a nice watch (have no idea what it was) on a teachers wrist. That night I asked my father if I could wear one of his watches. He gave me his Hamilton automatic. Ever since then it has been boarder-line obsession. I wish I knew why! But it’s a part of me and always will be.

What was your first Rolex, how did you get it, and what led you to acquire it?

I was awarded my Navy Pilot wings in May of 1986. When I reported to the F-18 Replacement Air Group for advanced Jet training I decided it was time I purchased a very nice present. I actually walked in to a Ben Bridge and spoke with the sales person. I explained who I was and what I was looking for. He immediately pointed out the GMT (Coke). That was it and I purchased it on the spot.

What got you into the Rolex brand? What keeps you interested in Rolex?

It really was speaking to others interested in watches. I had many brands before my first Rolex including Tag, Hamilton, dozens of others, but the conversation always made its way around to Rolex. When I walked in to the AD and saw them I knew I was hooked. Rolex offers the best quality, most interesting and most adaptive models on the entire market. There are dozens of high quality watch brands and I admire them all but to me Rolex is the epitome and will be for years to come.

What separates Rolex from other Swiss luxury watch brands?

I believe it is the wide-variety of models. Whatever your interest, tastes, special function requirements, Rolex has something that will meet your needs. Others have exceptional watches but the full family of Rolex has something that will appeal to everybody.

Why did you join the Rolex Forums? Why did you stick around?

I joined on July 4th, 2008. I had just purchased my SS Daytona and was surfing the web using Rolex and Daytona as search items. I joined TRF… to be completely honest… just to show off my Daytona (pretty vain, I know). But quickly realized how much fun and what a wonderful community it is. So I have been here ever since.

What do you look for in a Rolex? What draws you to a particular reference?

Appearance is the most important feature when I look for a Rolex. If it doesn’t “Pop”, or make you say “Wow” when you look at it, then it’s not for me. We all look at our Rolex probably 30 times a day, sometimes to even learn the time! If it isn’t attractive you will not enjoy owning a Rolex and that is what it is all about. The rest of it, feel, functions, ruggedness, are important but I want my watch to look nice. It doesn’t have to have diamonds or Gold or any such thing but it has to have aesthetics.

If you had to choose in your current collection what is your favorite watch and why?

Since I’m a one Rolex guy, this is easy, my DJ41.

What other brands outside of Rolex interest you and what about the brand interests you?

Omega is probably the closest; if Rolex suddenly ceased to exist I would buy an Omega. I believe they have the same dedication to quality, have several interesting models, and of course, the history. The Speedy is iconic and it earned the reputation from being a tremendous piece.

What is your grail Rolex and when do you plan on acquiring it?

White Gold Day Date. I haven’t decided between a white face (with Roman numerals and no lume) or the silver face, stick indices and lume.

What Rolex do you plan on buying next?

I want to get a sport model, haven’t decided on a GMT, or maybe EXII.
Rick Harrison.jpg

What is the one Rolex you wish you hadn't sold or traded and why?

My SS Daytona. After several years it lost its luster so it was time to go. But that is a special reference and I wouldn’t mind still having it and wearing it once in a while.
Dog Daytona.jpg

Outside of being a Rolex enthusiast / WIS what are some of your interests and how do they inter-relate to Rolex?

Aviation is still my career and pilots and watches have always had a connection; especially military pilots. It is interesting but very few pilots have Casios or cheap watches. I honestly think there might be some kind of brain-chemical genetic link; maybe I’ll donate my body to science and after I’m gone they can dissect my skull to discover the evidence (if they find anything in there at all).

If you aren’t on the Rolex Forums you are probably....?

Asleep, in a plane, or asleep in a plane.
Paul Lacross.jpg

They say there is a story behind every Rolex. What is a story behind one of yours owned past or presently?

I would have to say it was my Daytona. I had just recovered from a very difficult time in my life. One that lasted several years. By the grace of some very nice person that works at an AD, who didn’t know me from Adam, I was able to purchase one at MSRP. Back at that time, 07-08, this was practically unheard of. I remember thinking: “Wow… I must be OK now, I even got SS Daytona.” Sounds strange, or probably even creepy, but it’s the truth.

And as we all probably know, the ladies love Paul:
Paul Ladies 2.jpg
Paul Ladies.jpg
If you wind it, they will run.
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again thank you for your service Paul and thanks Eliot for another great write-up!
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What a wonderful write-up. Thank you for sharing!
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A fantastic interview I have had the pleasure of sharing a few meals with Paul, class act!
Next trips: Kitchen, living room.
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Thanks, that was fun.
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Very cool!! If Paul had one of my Crown Vics, he would REALLY be a chick magnet.
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Great interview! Thanks again Eliot and thank you for your service Paul.

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Great interview once again Elliot ! And a great story Paul !
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Great write up and a truly fantastic member of TRF.

Always makes me laugh!

Came so close to actually meeting Paul when he was over in the UK last year but only found out when it was too late. Hopefully next time...

Sent from my iPhone
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Great interview!!
Hoping all is well, Paul.

All the best,
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Excellent interview... Congrats to you Eliot and Paul for
letting us know more about him ...
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Paul, Paul, Paul!!!

*** that's NOT in Jan Brady's voice ***
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Paul is is very cool
Official member WISCON 15-19
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Thanks Eliot! That was a fun read! .... hey Paul, I remember you saying that an interview with you would be “boring”? No way!! My wife tells me it was very interesting, ( I fell asleep halfway through it) .... Paul I enjoyed the read very much thank you for your service Paul!
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Thanks to both Eliot and Paul for your time and yet another wonderful interview.
To Paul, thank you sir for your service and just for being the man you are. This place would not be the same without you around.
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Fantastic interview, Eliot It was great learning more about Paul and his passion
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Another great write up Eliot

I didn't get here by wishing for it, asking for it or hoping for it.... I worked for it

"The only difference between crazy and eccentric is the size of ones bank account" Anonymous

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Well done!

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Great piece and all-round lovely chap!!
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Good job!
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Great interview!

I knew there was more to Paul than just Anna(?).


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Another great post Eliot. Love these.

Paul, thank you so much for your service. Really enjoy your company on the forum.
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Great interview
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Nice work Eliot! Paul is one of the good guys! Thanks again for your service, I appreciate it.
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Rich Mickol
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Excellent! Thanks to Eliot and Paul for taking the time to put this together.

Paul, THANK YOU for your service.
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Another great one on a great member of our community. Plus, I see a lot of material for Jocke!!!
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Paul and Eliot....


Thank you - really enjoyed reading. You're a really cool guy, VTCGuy ~ So much to admire and be proud


People of integrity expect to be believed and when they are not they let time prove them right.
A best friend is like a four leaf clover - hard to find and lucky to have. SJP
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Fantastic interview Eliot

Paul, it is great to get to know you a bit better as the result of this You are a character (in a good way) and one of the members here that I always look forward to posting.

I’m wondering if you can elaborate on why or what happened to your GMT?

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Absolutely love these!

I was telling my son last week what a rock star Paul is, especially his stories about his fighter piloting days. My son loves everything military and knows every single fighter plane ever made. His eyes light up every time I share a story that Paul has shared with us.

Paul is a rock star.
"You might as well question why we breathe. If we stop breathing, we'll die. If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die."

Paul Henreid as Victor Laszlo in Casablanca
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Nice interview.

Paul you are a Rolex freak and a good guy! I'm glad we have become friends through TRF.

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navy , paul , pilot , rolex , thevtcguy

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