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How did it start?

Lurker and first time poster.

I would like to know how your collection started. Did you start out wanting to collect watches or did it develop over time?
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First time poster here too. My addiction started with my oldest brother getting a sales job with Seiko. Over time I had three of them. He helped my father get a Sea Dweller as a retirement gift in '93, and I became enthused ever since. I bought my first Rolex - a Sea Dweller - in 2004, and my SS Daytona when I turned 40 in 2009. In between I acquired a Breitling Navitimer.
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Haha, I'm just starting. Been always a quartz guy, mostly Seiko and Tag Heuer. Then Tissot caught my fancy because it was an automatic. But the model I'm after was not available. Fortunately. Through readings and research Rolex just grew on me. Still in the waiting list for my next Rolex.
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Part Swiss. In my blood I guess.
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Jimmy Jam Jam
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First post here! nice to meet everyone~~

I would say this addiction started when i worked for Cartier client relations centre Hong Kong and we used to have to go to watch classes and take exams(failed once but smashed killed the exam on the second go) you can say its my first proper office job,

Taking part in classes we learnt about Cartiers history, how the watches were designed, then we moved onto other brands and the iconic watches, how a watch works xyz.

Purchased a GMT master 2 ( thought i was quite nice subtle green gmt hand but due to financial circumstances my own fault tbh and i had to sell it, really gutted cant get t back because my friends mum took it off him) but now just wearing the omega chronograph which i love to stare at and watch it tick away and im currently looking for a decent priced BLNR in Hong kong.

and since then on i couldnt stop looking at watches or trying to learn something new from the internet (gf moans at me telling me take a break from reading about watches)

My knowledge may not be a lot but im here to learn as much as i can,

Again nice to meet everyone!


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Mine started in August when I got my Wife a DJ31 for our anniversary. Since then my AD got me a GMT Master II. Im back on the list for a sub date which should arrive next year :)
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Widows Son
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My addiction, I mean accumulation began in the 7th grade. A family friend returned from Vietnam and gave me his Seiko World Time. I still wear that beauty and have had it recently serviced. It's on my never sell list.
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Like father, like son.
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My grandfather handed me his ceramic Rado from the 80's, unexpectedly, 6 months before he passed away.
I was handed his Longines which had seen better days and decided to repair both watches.

Naturally, I started reading about watches and grew more fascinated by the day.

My first purchase was a Seiko SKX007, followed by the Seiko SRPC49K1 (Black Turtle). In December of 2018, I bought a Rolex 114060. The addiction grows stronger...
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Im new to the forum, but not to watchgeekery. Joined because I just got my first Rolex, a late 70s (I think) stainless Oyster Perpetual Date. It was my wife's late father's, who passed away in 2001. We just found the watch a couple months ago buried in his belongings. My first watch which got me hooked was a Tag Heuer 2000 series quartz I received from my parents in 1995 for high school graduation. Most reliable, bulletproof I have ever owned to this day.
Other collection highlights are my Grandfather's Omega DeVille, my Baume & Mercier Capelands chronograph my wife gave me for our wedding, my late uncle's Omega, and my Great Grandfather's Universal and Hamilton. Also have a Chopard Mille Miglia that was also my wife's father's that needs service.
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It may have started when i read a book about watches at my future father-in-law’s summer home.

Although years before i’ve always envied my college buddy’s speedmaster.
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Pretty simple. Corporate job! IT Sales professional and the more meetings, the longer meetings you start noticing the people with eye catching watches!

For me it started with an Omega, quickly bled into a Panerai and finally a Rolex.

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I had collected various watches that I thought looked cool over many years. When I got into diving I started looking at top quality dive watches and that lead me to the Rolex world.
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I inherited a 1932 Longines Hour Angle. The research put into it and already a mechanical geek got me hook and sinker.
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My friend Seiko got me into this...
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