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View Poll Results: Which steel Nautilus would you get?
5726 gray dial 23 16.67%
5726 white dial 3 2.17%
5980 blue dial 34 24.64%
5980 gray dial 8 5.80%
5980 white dial 1 0.72%
5990 26 18.84%
Forget complications, 5711 all the way 25 18.12%
Just sit tight and wait for the 40th anniversary 18 13.04%
Voters: 138. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19 April 2016, 04:43 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by Phileas Fogg View Post
Since you mention you have thin wrists don't you think the 5980 might become too thick? I'd go for the 5711 - a supreme choice together with any outfit!
I thought about that, but I'm not really afraid of the thickness, since I already own a Sub-C which is the same diameter and same thickness basically as the 5980, and it looks fine on me. As long as it's a sports watch, and it's not over 42mm and 15mm thickness, it should be fine. When I came up with the 5980 or 5990 being a bit too thick, I meant that as relative to the other Nautilus models, and considering the fact that Patek is a classical brand. I completely agree that the 5711 and 5712 would be more fitting to both the Nautilus heritage and Patek as a brand. But I still don't want to pile up with 2/3-hand blue dial '70s/Genta insipired pieces too much. By getting a 5711, a 15202ST , Ingenieur Laureus, Seventies Panorama Date, and the new Overseas Automatic, it would be too much blue and too much of the virtually same thing IMHO. I'd like to have Patek stand out in my collection, and getting a complicated Nautilus is the easiest path to that goal. With the other listed watches I don't like any of the complications, but with Patek it's the other way around. Of course it may be possible to stay away from blue dials, but somehow all of the listed '70s pieces look best with a blue dial to me. It's not the same blue, not the same dial, but I still want to keep my collection as diverse as possible -- even though the whole theme of '70s integrated bracelet steel watches doesn't really help my case

Originally Posted by jon_jon View Post
I may not be the best person to contribute about the Nautilus complicated watches as I do not own any of the Nautilus complicated watches. However I have tried on the 5726, 5980 and 5990 all at ADs and here are some of my impressions.

The 5726 is the slimmest amongst the three and can be worn as a dressy sports watch.

The 5980 is a thick and hefty watch. It is essentially a sports watch and is most similar to wearing a SS Rolex sports watch.
That's actually my preferred type of a watch, and that's exactly how I imagine the 5980 to wear. My sweet spot of sports watches is 39-41mm diameter with 10-13mm thickness. The 5980 "sadly" fits the bill perfectly :)

Get the one you really want, even if you can't get it brand new from an AD. If you really look hard enough, you may just locate an AD that has a NOS 5980/1A. I have seen many ADs that still have watches that were discontinued couple of years ago.
I think the major issue for me is to accept ("swallow") the bitter price premium of getting one sealed from a dealer or private seller, _and_ to spend even a few more thousands on an imminent service. It would be great to find one NOS, but I'm a bit late to the game :( The blue and gray 5980 was discontinued years ago, and nowadays I don't think it's realistic to find one NOS at an AD anymore. The white dial is easier of course, although in Europe I don't think you can find one either :(

Originally Posted by texex91 View Post
Take your pick...
Yeah, that's my issue: it's hard to pick from 3 great watches ;) Great photos, thanks! :)

Originally Posted by theflywrist View Post
You totally contradicted the thread title with giving us this option: "Forget complications, 5711 all the way"! :D
Thats the one I went for on this poll, and also the one I chose for myself.

Off the complicated list however, I would certainly do the 5980 blue.

Good luck man!
Thank you :) I wanted to see how many of you would stick to 5711 against all odds If you look at the market, the 5711 seems miles more popular than any other Nautilus reference. I was curious whether a poll like this would reflect that.
"In an age of obsolescence and gimmickry, this simple classic virtue of a Rolex is indeed a rarity." (Rolex ad from 1974)
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Old 19 April 2016, 04:54 PM   #32
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5726 Grey Dial if I had to get one right now, however, if it were me personally I would wait to see what they do for the 40th anniversary. The 40th anniversary option is how I voted.
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Old 19 April 2016, 04:56 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by Sungsam8025 View Post
What happen Ro 5712, not in??
I've mentioned in the OP that I don't like asymmetric dials. As much as I adore the complication of the 5712 and the fact that it's a fun time piece, it's not for me. Same goes for dressier Pateks: I'd love to get a 5127J, 5140P, 5146G (etc), but the complete lack of dressy occasions in my life would relegate those watches to be safe queens. I need a Patek that I can wear every day, one that looks great with t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.
"In an age of obsolescence and gimmickry, this simple classic virtue of a Rolex is indeed a rarity." (Rolex ad from 1974)
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Old 19 April 2016, 05:42 PM   #34
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Have both and hard to choose which is better

Since you don't need it for travelling, just get the 5726. Very useful complication and it's thinner. 5726 is my go to daily watch.

The 5990 looks and feels sportier because of the heft and the chronograph function. If you want sportier, 5990 but the there's at least 10k usd price difference. Only you can answer if it's worth the premium especially since you don't use travel time.
I love how PP made an ear shaped travel time function to maintain the look of the Naut. They invested money with the new tooling!
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Old 19 April 2016, 11:26 PM   #35
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For sport watch, I always prefer chronograph the most. I used to have both 5980 blue and gray dial. I'll let you decide by the photo.

I still keep the gray
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Old 20 April 2016, 12:18 PM   #36
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I own 5711 5712 and 5980.. Out of all three, the 5980 wears the most balance and most comfortable on my wrist. Some might think the 5711 being the lightest and the thinnest case profile ought to be the most comfortable, I however find the 5980 best fit my wrist n preferences. You must try them out before you buy. Good luck.
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Old 21 April 2016, 10:03 PM   #37
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The 5711 or 5712.
They're so slim that they manage to look elegant too. The others are too chunky and I feel that they're a bit blingy too - kinda "look-at-me" Pateks...
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Old 22 April 2016, 09:05 AM   #38
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I understand what you say and I think you should go for a 5980, you wont regret it.

However (my two cents), I think the pushers distract from the original case design and from the looks of the first nautilus styling.
This style was exactly what appealed to me, the smoothness and completeness of the way the case is designed (just a simple porthole - portholes didnt have pushers, lol) and the way the bracelet meets the case. I personally feel the 5980 and 5990 look like "there is too much weight distributed on one side of the watch". The biggest issue for me with the 5990 is the fact that the hinge, a key design characteristic, has been replaced by additional pushers - a no go for me.

The 5726 is a very balanced design that holds true to the clean case dsign of the first models.

Whatever you choose: you are going to love it
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Old 22 April 2016, 03:01 PM   #39
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You're forgetting the best one... brown dials.
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Old 22 April 2016, 03:54 PM   #40
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Thank you guys for all your comments and suggestions.

I have to agree about the 5711 being more true to the Nautilus roots. But, as I've explained above, I'm afraid of my collection becoming too boring if I keep piling up of 2/3-hand '70s design steel watches. Ingenieur, Royal Oak and Seventies Panorama Date would already be 3 of the same thing (well... I know, they aren't that similar, but still). And I'd like to have Patek stand out in my collection by having such a complication that none others have. AFAIK not many manufacturers make chrono the way it's done in the 5980 and 5990, and I haven't yet seen any other watch combining chrono with travel time like the 5990. As much as I respect the 3700 and 5711, I find the more complicated Nautilus versions more interesting. Even when they're not that true to their origins (like with the ears of 5990). BTW, even the 5711 is not as pure as it should be: it really should lose the seconds hand ;)

Originally Posted by kilyung View Post
You're forgetting the best one... brown dials.
Quite frankly, I don't think I'm ready for a RG or YG watch. I live in a country where in most places it's not appropriate to wear a gold watch that can be identified as a gold watch. In certain countries certain stigmas are stuck to gold watches :) A 5711P or a hypothetical 5980P would be a completely different story, but it can only be a long-term goal for me.
"In an age of obsolescence and gimmickry, this simple classic virtue of a Rolex is indeed a rarity." (Rolex ad from 1974)
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Old 24 April 2016, 03:46 AM   #41
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You can't really compare value between a discontinued model and a current production model. Of course it's human nature to favour what they can't have/ easily buy. The main reason for price increases on discontinued models. If i could own both i most certainly would! The 5980 is a stunner, but i find the calendar complication more useful.
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5726 , 5980 , 5990 , nautilus

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