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3135 date not working

hello everyone just changed the main spring on a 3135 and everything seems to be working as the main spring was broken in two pieces. so after changing it the watch now is keeping time and working, so i thought..... i placed the watch in an automatic watch winder for two days and this morning it had the correct time but the date did not change. I than proceed to pull out the stem to the last position and i was able to change the date and set it. i than turned the hands around the dial to stimulate 12midnight and the date still does not change. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

as always thank you
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Hi Michael, just saw your post. I would suspect that the 24 hour gear/spring that connects the motion works to the date wheel has somehow dislodged from the date wheel, thus causing the date wheel not to click over at the proper time. You would have to look beneath the dial to see.

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Hi Michael.

If I am reading your post correctly you can set the date with rapid date but when the watch is running and the hands turn, the date does not change.

It sounds as if your motion work (setting mech) is ok and your drive from the gear train to the hour/minute wheel is ok as your hands are turning/being driven by the train.

I would imagine the problem lies with the drive from the hour wheel to the calendar driving wheel.

There are two probable scenarios.

The most likely is some of the calendar driving wheel teeth are damaged/broken/bent. If so you will need a new calendar driving wheel 3135-625. And you will need to find and remove every broken tooth otherwise the watch will stop down the line.

The second is a problem with the small intermediate calendar driving wheel which is positioned between the hour wheel and the calendar driving wheel. The inter wheel is a small wheel and pinion driven together, wheel on top, pinion underneath.
Either it also has damaged teeth or the two parts have become "unriveted"/loose of one another. In this way the hour wheel drive is unable to reach/drive the calendar driving wheel.

Again the solution is a new intermediate date driving wheel. 3135-670

Hope this helps.
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