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Finn reporting in

Hi all,

A new member to TRF, Im Niko from Finland, though currently stationed in Bangladesh at least for a few months.

Now while I do not own a Rolex yet, I should, when I get back to Finland start shopping for one. The thing is, Im getting married in August and need a watch that would be appropriate enough to be worn with a suit, but at the same time something that I could enjoy in the years to come in more day-to-day scenarios. You know - a keeper (though I am a flipper at heart.. )

I think I should shop for a DJ (love the fluted bezels), but recently started looking at the OP 114300 with rhodium dial. I think the OP looks like a watch to be worn in almost any situation.

In my shortlist I also have the Omega Constellation Globemaster, which is a stunner as well. But I think I want to get in the Rolex game.

Other R-favorites at the moment are the not so surprising Hulk and Batman.

Love the attitude in this forum, lets keep it up!

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Welcome Niko
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Even though you are a self confessed flipper on your first post.

Welcome to the Rolex 'game'.
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ignore the swedes here.

1) Nice 2) Congrats 3) Cheers 4) Beautiful 5) Your relative/friend/seller gave you a fake 6) Reported! 7) When in doubt, EXP2 8) She won't care, its still a Rolex 9) Get your AMEX 10) FacePalm 11) That avatar, Jocke! 12) Looks yummy GG 13) Nice gesture 14) IBTL 15) No, it's not safe to wear 16) Toothbrush, soap, water 17) Take the damn stickers off 18) Troll 19) Pix would help 20) Han shot first 21) It's a normal sound 22) HAGONE! 23) Meh 24) #SAD! 25) MtrfGA!
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