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Breguet Classique

Any thoughts on this one or anyone have one? I've been on the hunt for a good and simple dress watch for a long time. I've been back and forth between Patek, ALS, JLC, Vacheron and Piaget, but I keep coming back to this one...

You get the Breguet staples, hands, numerals and coin-edge and you get a wonderful enamel dial. They can be had in the mid to high-teens $ brand new, seems like a great value from a historic company (swatch group aside).

The only real knock I have is that I'd prefer it just a touch smaller in diameter (although 40mm fits we very well) and I've always been in the "dress watches should be manuals" camp, but I can certainly get over that.

What do you guys think?
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They have one of the most esteemed histories of any brand, you can't go wrong from that perspective.

I'm not familiar with latest pricing, but if used is an option for you there are probably some other great Breguet options in that price bracket, as they don't hold value well pre-owned.
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I love that watch, simple, clean, arabic numbers, classic breguet styling, and enamel dial. That subsidiary seconds looks awesome. I'd really like to see one in the metal. That's a gold watch that does not scream gold watch. And, the only way I could ever afford one is if it stays off other collectors radar.
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Like you, I loved the classique models. I've tried them on numerous times however, and they just didn't do it for me. Part of it is they do wear large, and I found them to not sit right on my wrist (this might be be different for you of course).

If you haven't already tried them on, I would definitely do so (not sure if that picture is you).

If you like the way it wears, then by all means. They definitely are great value and do enamel dials better than anyone. Their guilleoche dials are also spectacular (the effect is done by hand I believe). The design is timeless and the coincase sides are a cool effect. Don't let the fact that they belong to Swatch dissuade you, Breguet are still Breguet.
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Thanks for the thoughts all, I haven't tried it on (I'm afraid to go try it on as I can be impulsive). While size is a concern, I'm a fairly large guy and my current dress watch is a 42mm, so I'm less concerned about size. I love the history of the brand as well.

To me, going Breguet here is a long term decision, I don't think that I'll make much back if I were to change my mind down the road. I do, however, feel like it is classic Breguet and a great heirloom for my 18mo son. Decisions decisions...
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I've tried this watch on and it's lovely but it was a bit too big for my 6.7" wrist, as it's 40mm and wears larger due to the slim bezel. If you have large wrists, however, it's perfect. The street price for the watch is fair and it ticks a lot of boxes with the hand painted enamel dial, Breguet numerals and hands, and fluted case; it's like wearing an 18th century Breguet pocket watch on your wrist, albeit with a very thin automatic movement, and the off-center sub seconds is an unexpected but lovely touch. Breguet's case and dial finishing is among the best and while in years past their movement finishing came up a tad short of comparable Pateks and Vacherons, I'd say they're about even with Patek in this price range these days, as I think Breguet has come up a bit while Patek has gone down a bit.
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It's fantastic looking. Does wear large though.
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