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2022 Acquisitions & Dispositions (Pic Heavy)

Decided to sit down and look at the watches that came into and left my collection this year. It's been a busy year of watch buying / selling / trading!

First in, in March, was the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo blue dial. I had only seen this in the flesh once before and was blown away by the dial. When I had the chance to make a trade, I let a couple of my watches go to bring this one in.

Next came another trade and probably one that I regret a little bit. For some reason, this watch really appealed to me in photos. On the wrist, I don't like it as much. It wears smaller than I expected. A Patek 5035r. I love the history, but it just doesn't get the wrist time that it should.

In April, when these were pretty difficult to find, I happened across this one and decided to buy it. Now they're everywhere. The dial is pretty spectacular and it's a fun watch.

I stumbled across this one for really next to nothing (almost didn't buy it as I presumed it could be a fake, but took a chance and it's authentic). It's an okay watch. I'll end up gifting it to somebody at some point.

My friends had been encouraging me to get a chrono and I knew that a Daytona was out of the question. I found a picture of this, went to a boutique and looked at one, but didn't see the value at retail. Found a very gently owned one and decided to buy.

In May, a buddy called me and said he was at the local Tudor AD and they had this in stock. Was an impulse purchase. I do enjoy it and it's a fun wear. Incredibly accurate watch!

In July, I went to Beverly Hills with a friend and visited all of the watch boutiques. I saw an exhibition piece of this and decided to leave a deposit to get one as soon as it was released. I got the first one (or so I'm told) that came into the Beverly Hills boutique.

I really don't know why I bought this other than the fact that I'm impulsive. I do love the dial and the case and bracelet are really well made, but, it's a basic movement and not very accurate (+15spd). I'm sure that it will move its way out of the collection before long.

Below, I'll cover my sale of the blue Santos and reasons. But, once it was gone, I did find that I missed the niche that it filled (I just didn't miss the scratch magnet that the bezel was), so I set out to find one of these at a good price.

So, this one is an interesting one. I love the story of the watch and the colors are really fun. This is what I really wanted when I bought the Montblanc above, but didn't think I'd come across it. One day, the local Oris AD had it in their case and I bought it. I still enjoy wearing it and really like the fun, whimsical, primary colors on the dial.

One of the watches I sold this year was my 18238 DayDate36 Cream Jubilee dial that I loved. I regretted selling it right away and knew that I had to replace it. I found this 118238 with a black pyramid dial at a reasonable price and bought it. I still miss my jubilee dial, but I do appreciate the dial and contrast on this one.

I had been searching for this watch for 10 years or more. Every time I would stumble across one, the price was ridiculous. This popped up on ebay at a reasonable price and I grabbed it. It arrived in desperate need of a service, but, my local watchmaker took it in and did a great job. It keeps excellent time and it's super fun to look at. The Fortis IQ. This is the second Rolf Sachs Fortis I have - bought the Frisson several years ago.

Visiting Canada in October, I found a store selling this at a 30% discount and decided to buy it. It really is a lot of watch for the price. The only negative I would say about it is that I don't like the clasp - the large release buttons dig into my skin. But, otherwise, it's a pretty killer watch for the money.

Just a fun addition that I was able to pick up inexpensively.

Now come the three biggies.

I had been wanting this watch for two years, but couldn't find it. I had my name registered at two boutiques, but didn't get a call. Had a chance to buy it at about 15% below retail and did it. Of course, two weeks later, I got the call from the boutique, but, it was already here.

I walked into the local boutique a few weeks ago and they had this in stock and ready for purchase. I really didn't think I'd like it with a smooth bezel and with stick indices, but, it just looked so clean, and it's my only jubilee bracelet. Still on a honeymoon with it!

And, last watch of the year (presumably - there are still two weeks left), I got the call for my first Submariner. I did the inaugural wear of it today and, WOW, it's a keeper!

Now, for the watches that left the collection this year:

I loved this Cartier, but, the bezel was such a scratch magnet, it was really bothering me. I sold it for basically what I paid for it, so, it wasn't a loss. But, I did miss it and set out to replace it as soon as it was gone.

Also sold this - it was a cool watch, but, was big and bulky, thick, and I really didn't like the HEV. As above, I basically sold it for what I paid for it. This is one that I really haven't missed.

This one was a drunk purchase (my first wedding anniversary) and I really didn't enjoy wearing it... definitely not one of Tudor's better watches. I took a loss, but, really don't miss it.

I missed this one the second I boxed it up and still do. One of my bigger regrets. I made some money on the sale, but, it wasn't worth it.

The last watch I sold this year was one that I wasn't "in love" with when I bought... When I wore it, I really liked it, but it was really never one of my "go-to" watches. So, I might miss it a little bit sometimes, but, it's not one that I'd seek to specifically replace.

And, that brings 2022 to a close! Here's to 2023!
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Jeez what a running collection!
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Thanks for sharing. Very seldom do members catalogue the watches that move in and out of their collection. Nice watches.
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