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Originally Posted by Phrank View Post
If I recall correctly, TRF member Vanessa CW21, who is a Rolex watch tech, recommends against the use of watch winders for several reasons.

Check out her post and reasons...think she even made it her sig at one point:

"Okay I'm here to give my 2 cents since I was asked to give an opinion.
I haven't read the responses given, since it's late and I plan on going to bed soon!

I don't like winders.
I don't like them for several reasons:
1) Most people assume they actually wind the watch... No, they keep the watch wound, which means it should still have a good amount of power reserve in order to maintain the power. I get plenty of customers complaining that their power reserve is too short "even though the watch was on the winder all day 3 days prior".
2) Cheap winders MAGNETIZE watches! The motors aren't insulated and cause the watches to start running erratically! I just had one two weeks ago, with a 2 y.o. DJII. A complete service of the movement was required.
3) Unless you're too old, or have some kind of medical condition that prevents you from having the feeling in your fingertips to wind the crown, I don't see a reason to need a winder.
4) I don't like the unnecessary wear it causes the movement. Unnecessary because you're putting wear on the watch while you're not even enjoying it.

In the end, it's all up to you and I'm pretty sure all you TRF'ers know what to expect. I'm mostly having a hard time explaining to people who have absolutely no clue about the inner workings of a watch."
I agree with you.
#2, I didn't t realize
#4, strongly agree.
#3, just plain funny.

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Genuine collectors don’t use winders and they don’t polish their watches, but flakes do!
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Bought the SD 50th which states 70 hour reserve. Will wear mainly M-F, and nights out on the weekend so no need for a winder?
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For me I tend to rotate 2 watches between weekends and weekdays. Until recently most of my stuff was around a 40 hr power reserve. So if I took a watch off on Friday evening it wouldn't make it through the weekend even though it ran most of the weekend. So a winder made it much easier to wear and I also don't think I added much more wear and tear...
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Do We Need Watch Winders?

Does someone has the Barrington single watch winder? I just bought one this morning and seems pretty decent. Will inform once it arrives.
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I've had a Y serial GMT for over 15 years. I keep it on a winder when I'm not wearing it (which may be as much as 3-4 weeks at a time). It's never been serviced and still keeps excellent time.
Despite the high cost of living, it's still very popular.

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Guys in case you’re looking for one, you can get the chance to win one of the Single Barrington’s watch winder by clicking the following link and participating to the competition that ends on the 20th September 2018!!!

I just got the email after purchasing it... !

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i think so, unless you wear every single day
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Maybe just comes down to personal choice at the end of the day?
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Weird about the magnetizing... I have used cheap winders for the past 10+ years, and never had an issue!
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