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Old 12 March 2019, 10:05 AM   #121
The Thomas J
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I am lucky enough to have 5 Rolex's and 2 Tudor's. The newest are the his and her Tudor's from the early 80's that were my parents dress watches.The oldest is a Rolex Perpetual from 1956. A 1016/5500 from the 60's, a 5513 Submariner circa 1977/78. A 1973 1803 and, Last but not least a 29mm 1950's handwound 6654 (I may be wrong about that refrence)

My Tudor and 1803 are 100% original and have only experienced service by RSC.

My Submariner was given to me by my much older cousin who used to scuba dive all over the world as a gift for my 40th has had a combination of RSC and non RSC service. He only wore that watch on weekends or vacation and it showed. He bought that watch in the early 80's new. The first thing he did was change the fold over clasp to a later holdover clasp with the latch as he felt it wasn't secure enough when he would go diving. He threw away that bracket 15 years later because it was falling apart, but kept the clasp because he liked it and put it on a generic bracelet that he got at the mall. I kid you not. He had it serviced at Rolex once. In 2000 He busted it up when he was jogging when he tripped and fell. Rolex wanted a ton of money to fix it. He wound up using a local watchmaker to fix it. However, in his words it was never the same. He tossed in a draw not to long after that. The final straw being when the the second hand fell off. That's how I got it. He did give me the 2 line dial that came with it that he still had. The dial was all banged up and faded so I just kept the service dial on it.

I had my local watch guy fix the second hand and put the Clasp on a Rubber B. He told me the watch needed an overhaul. I searched high and low for a gen 20mm Submariner bracelet, but the prices are bananas and you don't know what you are getting. I had the bright idea to swap my 19mm bracelet from my 1016 and put that on a nato. It fits but has a 1mm gap at the lugs and bothers me so I go back and forth between a NATO and the rubber B.

I had to have the movement completely overhauled last year due to water and rust issues Rolex wanted $2700 to do it and that didn't include a new plexiglass which was cracked that allowed water to get in there.

I wound up sending to a watchmaker that came highly recommended by numerous people. He did an amazing job. Sent me videos and pics of the job as it went on. It was a ton of work. Gen Rolex parts for the 1500 series of movements are virtually impossible to come by unless they are coming from donor movements and those cost upwards of $2000. He did source me a n RSC replacement plexiglass. Probably made in China.

When you are dealing with watches that are 30, 40, 50 plus years old you have to accept that there maybe a non Rolex part in there. It's just the way it is.

I need to send 2 out for service as I dropped both of them. I really messed up the hand wound one.

This pic is the most recent with the 19mm C&I bracelet, which I find very comfortable and, on the rubber B.

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Old 5 April 2019, 03:58 AM   #122
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great , a mine of very important info
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Old 5 April 2019, 04:43 AM   #123
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great info phillip
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Old 12 April 2019, 04:20 AM   #124
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Hello everybody,
Iím in the process of buying my first vintage rolex... datejust ref. 1601.
And Iím wondering if you could help me with authenticity of the watch. The seller is also offering me the certificate from official rolex dealer.
Bellow are the pictures of the movement and caseback engraving.
Thank you.
Attached Images
File Type: jpeg ABC89C1F-0485-467C-8A17-2B79E2ABFFC0.jpeg (155.0 KB, 149 views)
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Old 12 April 2019, 04:23 AM   #125
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The movement picture
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Old 1 May 2019, 10:17 AM   #126
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Hi guys

I'm new here.
Just found this watch in my grandfather's belongings and i can't believe he owned a vintage Rolex watch...On the other hand this watch doesn't feel fake..It's heavy and rigid...The bezel rotates uni-directionally very smoothly.
It was sitting for 15 years in the closet and the mechanism seems that is working fine.
So,what do you think?
A high quality replica or a small treasure?

Why can't i post a link or upload a video?
Go to youtube and search for Rolex submariner and filter the most recent uploads...I'm 3timesaweek
Let me know
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Old 7 June 2019, 05:16 PM   #127
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Excellent, thank you for sharing!
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Old 12 June 2019, 03:29 PM   #128
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Awesome, awesome post! Now I'm saving up for a vintage Rolex!
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Old 7 July 2019, 09:44 AM   #129
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I need to find out the value of my watch. Itís a 1980 oyster perpetual datejust

14k gold stainless steel.
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Old 16 July 2019, 11:19 AM   #130
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This is awesome, thank you for all of the insight !

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Old 13 August 2019, 08:03 PM   #131
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Thank you for this great post, very instructive
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Old 23 August 2019, 08:52 AM   #132
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Fabulous write up, appreciate it.
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Old 15 September 2019, 02:51 AM   #133
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Old 17 September 2019, 09:55 AM   #134
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Question about Radiation

Question: are you saying that all pre-1965 Rolex have radiation in them??
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Old 19 September 2019, 04:37 AM   #135
Swiss Mad!
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I would love to own a vintage Sub or Sea Dweller one day.

However, 2 things will probably prevent this from ever happening.

1. Posts like this make me realise just how much I DONT know about vintage watches, to the point where I really wouldn't be able to tell an original piece from a cobbled together franken...

2. Price - some good stainless vintage pieces are commanding new PM money...

Really enjoyed your article though,

instagram: max.parkin
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