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Personally, I'd rather it be something I remember my dad wearing than something that's been sitting in a safe. It's not about the watch itself, but the memories, miles, and life events that it was there for. It'll make it that much more special when you slide it off your wrist, tell him why you bought it, and hand it to him to wear.
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i'm with the majority here and this is why..... my dad purchased a red 1680 in a card game in 1986 (year i was born). I remember trying it on most weekends and one day hoping it would be mine. He was a bit of a character and also a keen mountaineer. The 1680 survived Antarctica, the Himalayas and many more amazing places. Unfortunately and unknown to me, my father landed on hard times a few years back and sold it for a fraction of what it was worth, without consulting me (i would have given him the cash if i'd have know). He, like most fathers was too proud and embarrassed to ask me. When i found out i tried to contact the shop but they had sold it and wouldn't pass on the buyers details. I guess the memories are still there but id pay a lot to have that dirty, scratched 1680 on my dads wrist now!

With that in mind when my son was born last year i managed to get a white 116500 from my local AD. I rotate it but make sure to give it wrist time and it will one day be his.

I hope that helps cements what you seem to already be thinking, wear it and make memories
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Wear it.

I did the same thing as you. Also purchased an Explorer for my boy. I pondered the same questions you did. But I quickly knew what the right answer was for me, based on my own experience.

My dad purchased a VC 2 days after I was born. He only wore that watch on very special occasions and was mostly left as a safe queen. Growing up, he would tell me about the watch he bought to mark my birth and how one day it'd be mine.

I lost my dad to cancer when I was 16. I wished he wore that watch so I would have memories of him with it. But the only "memory" I have of him and that watch, is seeing the papers and sales receipts. It had his name on them, and was marked 2 days after my birth date. In my heart, i could feel how happy he must've been buying that watch at the AD and telling them about the birth of his son. If he wore that watch more, it would be even more special for me.
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Originally Posted by 5nit View Post
Id rather have a watch with my dads name on the card because that means something.

In 20 years from now Id rather have a new Rolex than one 20 years old living in a safe. Wear your watch and care for it and pass it down. This is what a nice gift is to me. A watch with dads name on it and a few miles of wear and tear.

A brand new 20 year old watch with his name on the card doesnt seem special. Why not just buy him a new one when hes 21 if thats the case.
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Originally Posted by Catphish View Post
I bought a new explorer mkII last year (2018) to commemorate the birth of my son. It was my first new Rolex and I wanted it to be from the year he was born with my name on the card. In retrospect, I wish I'd put his name on the card.

If you got the above watch, purchased to commemorate your birth, from you father on your 18th or 21st birthday. Would you be more happy with one that he wore frequently and showed it's miles, or one that was tucked away and in nearly new condition? I say nearly new because I've been wearing it on special occasions; it's still near mint.

I bought it with the intention of having it be my weekend watch that would be what I wore for all our family adventures, and his life's big moments. But before I fully commit it to the tool watch life it is intended for. I am second guessing myself because the idea that buying a watch and then squirreling it away for 18 (or 21) years is pretty cool too.

possible solution would have been to buy two, but that ship has sailed since it's a year later, and not nearly as cool.

Thanks for your opinions.
I'd definitely prefer the watch to be worn by my dad. It makes it not only a watch that was bought when I was born, but also a watch my dad enjoyed.
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