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Frost Monster swap to Blue Alpinist

Hi Seikoholics,

Both JDM models are SOLD OUT.
You have the SBDC073 Frost Monster.
Would you swap it for a Blue Alpinist SPB089?
Both used for a year.

Thanks for your inputs.

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I’m biased but the Alpinist wins hands down.
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Assuming you would wear either watch equally --- I wouldn't swap it for the Blue Alpinist.

There are so many blue / navy blue dialed watches out there that I would rather have something else fit that slot, whereas there are fewer light blues like your Frost Monster.

Additionally, the hype on the Blue Alpinist seems to have died down recently. I remember a few months ago these were trading at $900+ but now that Seiko recently launched a new batch, they are going for around $700-$750 now. Also, Seiya Japan's blog mentioned that come 2020 Jan, there will be new releases of the Alpinist coming out. I'm almost inclined to wait and see what they come out with...
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I would wait for the upcoming, upgraded Alpinist.
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I would wait and see what is coming from Seiko.
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...from Seiya Japan. No affiliation. IMO not quite the unique pizzazz of the blue or the green.

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Id keep the Frost Monster...such a unique and beautiful dial!

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Yes. The blue Alpinist is stunning and it's design is timeless. Can't say the same about the Frost Monster, imo.
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Both great watches , think it comes down to personal preference on style. For me, the Alpinist wins as far as which I would wear more often. With regards to waiting for the new updated Alpinist , according to what Ive read the only substantive difference is a minor movement upgrade (6R35 from 6R15) and dial color choice (of which blue does not appear to be a choice).

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