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Old 16 February 2020, 11:08 PM   #91
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Order a new clasp ...simple you got an offer for the damaged one..
I think with ADs cost you should come about even
Smile ya all ...Life is good .
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Old 16 February 2020, 11:18 PM   #92
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Originally Posted by Chiboy View Post
I have read the whole thread. Salient points:

1) Given how careful you are with your watches, AD most likely scratched it
2) AD has sold you this white Daytona, as well as other hot watches, so clearly is good to you (and vice versa)
3) Living with it or polishing it won't work for you

So the only choice is to replace the clasp. I would take one of your other pristine, taped, perfect watches in to the AD to calmly and nicely show them how you like to keep your watches (no judgement from me). Explain that you can't keep the Daytona that way because they already "damaged" it. Ask them if they will pay for replacing the clasp or perhaps split the cost with you. And hope that they don't decide that you aren't worth the trouble in this day and age of them having an unending waiting list for hot models.

It is an unfortunate truth that they MAY decide that you are harder to please and they would in the future prefer to execute a nice, easy sale with someone else. Or they may decide that you are still a valued customer, who is very particular, and in this case they did something that left a slight mark and they have to own up to it and make it right.

Good luck. I also agree with all the folks that suggested you buy tools to resize your watches yourself. Again, no judgement, but you would likely be most happy to buy watches still in the coffin, take them home and size them carefully, and then wrap them as you see fit, and then wear them as you see fit. That way you will know that anything that happens to them is on you.

Well said
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Old 16 February 2020, 11:25 PM   #93
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A very interesting post. I would like to start with I am sorry that your clasp is scratched. I would also like to say that you have an unrealistic expectation of watch ownership and the putting tape on the watch says more about you than the watch and wanting to protect it. We are all free to do as we please with items that we own but that does not mean that we are free from observations about our behavior. This is probably not the only area of your life where issues arise based on how you are. Good, bad or indifferent that is your situation. Your AD should offer to take the scratches out and it will be fine. You are not getting a new clasp, watch or anything else from the situation. Your AD can sell a new or pre-owned SS Daytona or any other hot SS Sport Model Rolex at the drop of a hat and in the current market they have plenty of customers. You run the risk of having a significant issue with the AD depending on your demands and how you handle this. They will smile and do what is reasonable but if you handle it wrong you are done getting calls or watches as it is easier to deal with others without unrealistic demands. I wish you the best in getting this sorted out and keep us posted on what the AD says.
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Old 16 February 2020, 11:36 PM   #94
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Is it possible that a speck of dust or a grain of sand blew into the cuff of your shirt sleeve on the way home? If so, any slight movement of your hand relative to the cuff could have easily done that damage. While I feel bad that this is bothering you, if it were me, I could not in good conscious blame the AD. Perhaps next time you make such a purchase, install the tape prior to wearing the new watch.

At this point, either live with it, or, let the AD know that you noticed this as soon as you got home, have know idea how it got there, and would like to buy a new clasp. Maybe, they will take responsibility and comp you on the clasp.

In any event, please enjoy that wonderful addition to your collection.
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Old 16 February 2020, 11:43 PM   #95
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Do what most of us do, take the tape off and just wear it and then the marks will blend right in
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Old 16 February 2020, 11:43 PM   #96
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Old 16 February 2020, 11:58 PM   #97
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It is legitimately an extremely superficial mark on the clasp. This could have easily happened in your shirt cuff rubbing against a button on your shirt or jacket. Take off the plastic and just enjoy your watch. You’ll end up scratching it again after a polish or new clasp replacement. It’s a watch, it’ll get marks, it’s ok.
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:06 AM   #98
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AD damages clasp while sizing on day of purchase

This happened to me too when my AD sized my Aquanaut. Because it was an aquanaut (hard to get a replacement) there was nothing they can do about it. Either full refund or accept it. Perhaps because itís a Rolex and itís easier to obtain; ask for a new one? If you have a relationship with your AD this shouldnít be an issue. PS I size all my watches on my own. ADís do not handle with care unless itís a salon (my experience).

I am super anal about all my valuables (I wouldnít go that far with tape; to each their own) but at the end of the day if my watch gets scratched I damn sure would want it to come from me and nobody else. ESPECIALLY when you just get it. Say something to the salon.

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Old 17 February 2020, 12:11 AM   #99
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I appreciate the OP’s concern for scratches on his watch and his wanting to protect it from them, particularly those caused by other people. I would point out that, if one is at least reasonably handy, there’s not much easier than sizing a bracelet on a watch. The correct screwdriver and a little Loctite is all it takes and this can be done without scratching the watch at all. I myself care little about scratches and I use all of my watches hard and they show it. But I recognize that these watches are expensive and different people want to deal with them differently.
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:15 AM   #100
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Posts like the OP’s sure do bring out the mean in people here. Just mean
"Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack."
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Conviction does not derive from consensus. It only comes from one place.

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Old 17 February 2020, 12:17 AM   #101
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AD damages clasp while sizing on day of purchase

I 100% agree with you that the AD should never scratch a watch like that. Unfortunately, if it were me Iíd probably do nothing and live to fight another day though. Unless polishing was an option, which Iíd be fine with. Nut otherwise... Iíd just move on. Itís too much trouble for a few small scratches on a clasp.

One time I was absolutely positively sure that my AD dinged one of my Pateks when changing a strap. I thought long and hard about saying something and I almost did. But decided to swallow it and move on. Then one day I was looking at old pictures and I noticed the scratch on the watch. The picture was taken before my AD visit! Boy am I glad I didnít say anything!
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:18 AM   #102
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AD damages clasp while sizing on day of purchase

Best thing is to just buy a new clasp.

As you took the watch home without tape on there will always be room for doubt whether it occurred at the AD for absolute certain.

Maybe they will offer to polish ?

And next time tape up before leaving!
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:20 AM   #103
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What model Rolex is it ?

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Old 17 February 2020, 12:31 AM   #104
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If it's so light you can only see at certain angles it is a good candidate for polish. It isn't going to soften your edges to remove 100 atoms.
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:31 AM   #105
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seems to be very superficial. if it bothers you, why not buff it away?
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:35 AM   #106
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I fully understand your feelings over scratches I purchased a set of clear protector film similar to a phone screen protector for the watch case and clasp. Picked them up from a company in Australia very easy to apply. I had a scratch similar and the AD polished it out very easily. I would feel very different about polishing any part of the watch but because I knew the clasp could be replaced if I was not satisfied I gave it a try, it came out perfectly. If you live near a Rolex service center I would give them a visit.
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:38 AM   #107
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As unfortunate as this is, youíve really laid out some criteria that makes a reasonable solution impossible.

I think you may need to unwind a bit about your watches. Using tape to protect the clasp and never polish? Come on

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Old 17 February 2020, 12:46 AM   #108
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All I will say is as buyers it is our responsibility to inspect new watches before walking out the store door and taking them home. Once you do, the AD's responsibility for any damages incurred goes out the window. OP you know what they will tell you. They will likely say that you scratched the watch while in your possession.
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:46 AM   #109
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I had a similar story as I received my Batman. AD was shortening my bracelet the first time and everything was fine. After a week, I found it too tight and came back to enlarge it by one link. After returning home, I noticed a small scratch on the polished side part of the fastener. I fought my thoughts for the next two days, whether to come back and clean up or let go. Now, after more than a year, there are a lot of these scratches, I stopped counting them. I know that the situation now has OP hurts, that AD should painlessly carry out the operation to shorten the bracelet, but such situations do happen. It is important to check the watch carefully during pickup. Especially when it is a completely new item. After the fact in such a story you have to think about, or maybe it was I myself who made the scratch? This is my thought in this matter ...
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:52 AM   #110
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Originally Posted by Swiss Mad! View Post
Come on guys - its a scratch, it will polish out - no way does it require a new clasp nor would the AD be expected to supply one for such minor cosmetic damage.

OP - please do not think this is a post dismissing or trivialising your distress at this incident, it is not.

I fully get you are upset with the scratch, as I would be also, but I am just trying to point out that to expect or demand a new clasp because of it is waaaay over the top and unreasonable.

Hope you get it sorted one way or the other.

I wouldn't agree OP is being over the top - when you pay this much for a watch, I think you a right to expect that it will be in perfect condition when you leave the shop. If I had been OP and had spotted this while still in the shop, I'd have asked for them to get me a new watch entirely.

Unfortunately, OP isn't still in the shop and will in all likelihood disclaim all responsibility (which is fair enough, really). But if the relationship is good, I'd hope they would give OP the benefit of the doubt and arrange for a free polish. If it's possible for them to do in-house, the actual cost of that to the AD would be pretty marginal.

On a separate point. I don't know how common it is for ADs to remove the stickers before sizing - mine left them on for me to remove myself as and when I felt like it.
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Old 17 February 2020, 12:58 AM   #111
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The only resolution that I can think of that fits your parameters would be as someone else suggested and that would be to flip the watch. Your scratch is "gone". You make a profit. You don't upset the AD nor rely on the AD to fix the issue.

The only problem is now you do not have the watch and have to either go grey or get back in line. You said you have all the hot SS models already so being in line doesn't seem to be that long of a wait for you?

I have said it before.. I let an AD size a bracelet once... ONCE. The bracelets I size you cannot tell they have been touched. I am careful with my watches but I don't mind normal scratches but damnit, I want to be the one to put them there.

Maybe your AD will just swap the clasp and call it a day, then no worries.

Just my thoughts.
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Old 17 February 2020, 01:03 AM   #112
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Originally Posted by JacksonRain View Post
So, in advance, please refrain from making any comments like, get over it, it was bound to happen anyway (especially considering that is not true based on information you will read below), you're being OCD, it's just a watch , it gives character battle scares, etc.

I have included a photo of the clasp, with 3M tape over it. I'm VERY careful with my watches, and I am not a fan of polishing. Hence, I put 3M helicopter tape because I'm always at a desk and I do a lot of desk driving. To that end, the whole, it would have happened anyway really doesn't apply to me here, fortunately or unfortunately.

The AD took the plastics off and then went to size the watch herself. I do not know whether it was the SA or another agent at the ad who caused the minor damage on the clasp. I know she got help sizing it.

Detail of damage:

It's about three scratches, at the PCL as well as the brushed area. It can only be seen when the light hits it at a certain angle. So if I'm in a lit room, and I twist my wrist, it doesn't necessarily mean that it can be seen. Light literally has to hit it For to show, so it's not particularly deep.

Background / relationship

I'm really friendly with my SA. They have been really good to me and I have been really good to them, and I don't want to leave a bad taste in their mouth. So I am not trying to be demanding or annoying, but at the same time, I'm disappointed that this happened, and that extra care wasn't taken. Plus, I don't know whether it was SA or another agent.

Things that are not an option:

Polishing or buffing it out.

How do you think I should proceed? It obviously bothering me enough that I am posting this ....

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback. P.s. For those wondering why I put helicopter tape, because I want to protect my jewelry, to keep it shiny new and sparkly, somewhat in line with me putting 3M on my phone that is 1/20th the value.

I donít know man. Thatís a lot of scratching for a brand new watch.

Iím one of the guys that thinks scratches will come anyway, and they add personality to the watch.

But those scratches are big, even if not deep, and the fact that someone else put them on your brand new watch is bothersome.

Why donít you go talk to the AD and ask them to make it up somehow without polishing the watch.

I understand you have a nice relationship ship with them, but if they do it again, are you going to let it happen again? I wouldnít.

Plus, they need to know so that they can be more careful next time.

Let us know what you decide to do.
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Old 17 February 2020, 01:10 AM   #113
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Buddy, this can be fixed, in multiple ways.

This is too much stress on you....these scratches will happen, the AD should help you fix the problem, absolutely. This should not affect you this much...

I suggest, moving forward you try not to worry about the will enjoy the watch more. Clasps and bracelets are so easily repairable, itís just not worth your stress...
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Old 17 February 2020, 01:17 AM   #114
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Since your requirements dont allow a polish buy a new one. Honestly if I was the AD I would refund you for the watch and never deal with you. I bet you wont sell it at MSRP
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Old 17 February 2020, 01:20 AM   #115
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I'd recommend that in the future, any watch or other prized possessions be photographed before work is done, then inspected with a representative of the company upon return. In the absence of that, it is impossible to determine when the scratch occurred. Since there may be some blame to go around, if I were the Jeweler, I'd give you a free polish, or agree to give you a new clasp at my cost, you install it yourself or at another jeweler.
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Old 17 February 2020, 01:21 AM   #116
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It may not be not ideal from a psychological perspective given your criteria, but honestly, an extremely light polish to remove those minor scratches isn’t going to matter, particularly once the 3M tape goes back on. The other reasonable option is to buy a new clasp. Either way, it’s an easy fix, so it’s not worth stressing over. Good luck with it.
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Old 17 February 2020, 01:23 AM   #117
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Get over it, it was bound to happen. Itís just a watch! Youíre being OCD.

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Old 17 February 2020, 01:29 AM   #118
Calatrava r
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Its not really clear from your post, but if you left with the watch not seeing the scratches until later, the matter is closed. Those scratches could have happened anywhere as has been stated. If it bothers you and I fully understand, I like the suggestion of simply getting a new clasp. If you have a great relationship with the AD I would not bring it up with them that you think they did it. It will a leave bad taste as you suggested and may hurt your allocations in the future.
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Old 17 February 2020, 01:32 AM   #119
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Originally Posted by brillwill View Post
It is legitimately an extremely superficial mark on the clasp. This could have easily happened in your shirt cuff rubbing against a button on your shirt or jacket. Take off the plastic and just enjoy your watch. Youíll end up scratching it again after a polish or new clasp replacement. Itís a watch, itíll get marks, itís ok.
Have to agree a extremely superficial mark made worse by the sticky-back plastic.

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Old 17 February 2020, 01:32 AM   #120
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Originally Posted by Jg422 View Post
Get over it, it was bound to happen. Itís just a watch! Youíre being OCD.

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And apparently you have ADD.
"Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack."
- General George S Patton

Conviction does not derive from consensus. It only comes from one place.

Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.

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