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Originally Posted by Lt.Arclight View Post
I didn't call an ETA cheap rubbish. AGAIN, compare Rolex vs. Breitling.

If I'm paying that kind of cash I want an IN-HOUSE PROVEN movement. Tough to beat Rolex in that department.

As to the "workhorse" comment. Sure the ETA is a proven watch engine- would you buy a new ASTON-MARTIN with a small block chevy engine-It's a great workhorse- right?Whats under the hood and in the case MATTERS. That's why a Tudor ISN'T a Rolex.

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Originally Posted by Lt.Arclight View Post
Don't get me wrong. Breitling makes a nice watch. The Poster asks how does the Breitling COMPARE to the Rolex,ie fit and finish and VALUE.

YOU ARE PAYING for the movement. Breitlings are retail close to Rolex-buying one at Retail is,well, a losing proposition. Breitlings cases and bracelets are very nice-but the movement is a very basic run of the mill mass produced piece used by ALL members of the Swash Group as well as countless other watch "producer's" They aren't "Manufacture" movements (not counting their new in house movements.) They start as an ebauche(-like buying a shortblock from chevy for instance )and they decorate them and put them in their cases with little to no improvement.

So to ask how are Brietlings watches compared to Rolex- you have to include the movement. My point is compared to an in house free-sprungbalance with a Breguet overcoil as in the Rolex, the Eta although capable of good accuracy-does not represent Haute'Horology. The valjoux 7750 found in many chronographs is a very durable movement-that HAS PLASTIC PARTS. You don't expect this in a 5000 dollar watch.

From a durability standpoint the free-strung balance (like on Patek Philipe,Rolex and A/P) has no regulator that can be jarred free throwing off the watches timing. The late owner of the Swatch group Nicolas Hayek was credited saving the swiss watch industry back when quartz watches were the rave. His company invested heavily in microtechnology- other brands didn't. Breitling was one of the ones that didn't,now that the Group wants to NOT sell movements outside of the company this made them INVEST and build their own INHOUSE movements.

You buy the whole package and if you are going to pay Rolex money then buy Rolex quality and engineering. Yes Breitling's are nice. But IMO the engineering,testing,development and improving the art of watchmaking just does not compare.

You mentioned the Omega Moonwatch-now that used a legendary column wheel movement made by Lemania (2310) and was called the Omega C.231 it is exquisite and was state of the art. It was later changed to the C.861 when Omega re-engineered it to a shuttle/cam type switching system from the column wheel. THIS is watchmaking. Apples and Oranges-just my 2 cents. But it IS history.
Great post. Very informative.
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Originally Posted by Art 1 View Post
A Breitling dive watch is every bit as tough as a Rolex Sub. Until very recently the bracelets on the Breitlings was far superior to the Rolex bracelets.
+1. My first watch was a SO, kept way better time than any Rolex sport model I've owned.
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Originally Posted by canwatchco View Post
I am so tired of the movement debate on Breitlings. I have owned litterally dozens of them, and as a whole they have proved to be incredibly accurate and reliable. And, they are built like tanks. Test drive the new superocean 44 before buying a new Sub or Deep Sea. one jalf to one third the cost, and it looks, feels and performs equally.

I think Breitling has done a brilliant job with their marketing, and I truly think that they have a fantastic lineup.

Exactly. They get people to pay big money for movements that they CASE.As far as keeping time- a Casio quartz puts all mechanical movements to shame. There is NOTHING wrong with ETA or Valjoux movements-they easily can meet COSC specs. Taking your argument one step further- why even consider a Patek or an AP? Anyway you look at it the fact is you are paying for an expensive case with a generic movement. Why did they feel they needed to engineer a new in-house movement-you won't be getting that at 1/3 the cost of a new SS sub.
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As far as vintage Breitlings are concerned, I think Breitling is unfairly being critisized for using third party chronograph movements back then when almost everyone including Rolex and Omega did the same with their chronographs. Offcourse on modern Breitlings is a different story and looks like Breitling is trying to rectify that situation with it's inhouse movements like on the Navitimer LE but much slower than the competition esp with stiff competition from the likes of Rolex who jumped on the inhouse chronograph movement wagon over a decade ago; while Breitling still quoting(I think?) Rolex like MSRP's for some of their non inhouse movement watches.

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Agreed, Depending on Model i think breitling is well built. Has nice fashion for its time.After wearing Rolex i wont wear anything else.
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I have both a Breitling chronomat and a Rolex Submariner. If you ask me, I actually prefer my Breitling. I just love the look and feel. In addition, my Breitling is way more accurate than my Rolex.
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I have a breitling transocean with in-house movement and the detail its stunning. Superb build quality. And keeps time like it should.

My 2 cents is that rolex With its movement is nor worse nor better then breitling 01 movement. They did a good job in marketing and they are far better in keeping value when it comes to buy used watch. However I think this will change with breilings in house movement....
And imao detail finish is better with breitlings

So my vote goes for breitling with 01 movement

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Does anyone know if the Rolex crystal is glareproofed on both sides as with Breitling watches?
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Originally Posted by roadcarver View Post
Breitling are great watches. Buy it if you are going to keep it since they take a hit on re-sale. If you think you will flip it, buy pre-owned.

BTW, I love my Chrono Avenger on Ti

Bottom line, if you want it, buy it.
Always buy pre-owned watches.. thats the safest bet

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Originally Posted by PerioBear View Post
Does anyone know if the Rolex crystal is glareproofed on both sides as with Breitling watches?
No, they are not on either side.
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Hi, first post.

I've just added a Rolex SubC 116610ln to my collection. In truth, the watch I always aspired to. However, I've worn the Breitling Chrono Evo for 4 years now and I think it is simply a different kind of watch.

Why Breitling? I worked in football, am quite showy and very much enjoyed the slightly (and I hate this word) bling it added to what was a classic professional time piece.

However, you get a little older, you go a little greyer, and your styling becomes slightly less flash. This is where the Rolex comes in. Beautiful, understated, but still oddly eye-catching. You simply never miss a wrist adorned by one. It does though, retain an elder statesman gravitas that is, in my opinion unmatched.

I loved my Breitling, and still do, but Rolex is the watch you always want to end up with, whatever you wear on the way.

I will still wear it, but collecting your Rolex, is just one of those moments.

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I own a Breitling Superocean Chrono II and got 20% off on it. It is a brand new model 2012. My first real watch and I love it. I have both the rubber and stainless bracelet.

I purchased a Rolex Submariner today and it feels great on. Not as heavy and bulky as my chrono and of course its a 40mm versus the 44mm Breitling. Rolex movement is bar none, and movement aside Breitling has some very nice chrono styled watches.

I would go Breitling for my Chrono and Rolex for my non Chrono watches.
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breitling have some very nice models but overall a bit busy/blingy for me...
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I really want to like Breitlings, but there are too many models that I simply don't like at all.

If you buy one at the right price, I do think they are a good, robust and affordable sport watch. Nothing wrong with that.
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I have a chronomat evolution from 2006 - my 1st Breitling.

I love the watch, keeps perfect time and is versatile.

So if you can get over the Rolex factor, it's a nice watch.

Prestige goes to Rolex.
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rolex 1000 times....
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breitlings 'in house' chrono raises the bar and is at least on par with omegas 9300 and rolexes 'daytona' 4130.

as for the eta based divers?.....not in the same league as rolex or omega


hopefully breitling at basel 2013 adds an inhouse movement 'non chrono' to compete with omegas 8500 and rolexes 3135

im not a movemnt snob and etas cosc movements are fine but breitlings using the 2824...

as they say on NFL sunday?

c'mon mannnnn
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Originally Posted by Mickey® View Post
What does an expensive movement prove?...That's not what we are paying for...Wish it was but it's not.

What are you paying for, pure image?
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Having owned a number of B's, I can say they are equally good or better at some things and inferior at others.

But without getting into that, more fundamentally both brands are good at what they do & are worth owning.
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Originally Posted by subtona View Post
breitling have some very nice models but overall a bit busy/blingy for me...
I've got 2 of each Navitimer and old Colt Chrono and DSSD and this below which in no way busy/bling!!!

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I have one of each and I love them both. My Breitling Evo Crono is a substantially larger watch with a gorgeous dial and the B second hand. My Rolex 16570 is understated, smaller and much more subdued. I must say I never wanted a Rolex till I joined TRF.
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Originally Posted by PerioBear View Post
Does anyone know if the Rolex crystal is glareproofed on both sides as with Breitling watches?
Those Rolex watches that have the date complication with cyclops magnifier, there is an AR coating only on both top and bottom of cyclops magnifier. This is true only on the newer watches, however.
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Whatever floats your boat; there are lots of watches out there.

I might pick up a Breitling for the weekends, I always loved there SS bracket.
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Rolex. Regardless of case strength, breitlings can take a better day to ay beating.

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People don't seem to remember that Rolex didn't always make their own movements, and this was long before the Daytona. I have both brands and find them about equal. My 1947 3 dial Premiere is probably the most beautiful chrono I own. I handled a friends Colt recently and I'd put it's attention to detail and finish against anything from Rolex.
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Finishing and build quality on many Breitlings, such as my Steelfish, is better than on the older Subs esp the bezel, bracelet and clasp but the new ceramic subs are a step up in class.
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