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Congrats! Great piece! I hope to own one someday myself...
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Great combo:-) luv that blue!
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gold canyon
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Great choice, Anders. That's the one I have my eye on. Wear it in good health.
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Beautiful, congrats!

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Cru Jones
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absolutely STUNNING. amazing watch and equally fantastic pictures. just look at that dial and craftsmanship. love it.

if you didn't juice the blue with a little light post-processing, then, i'm even more amazed.
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Congrats it is very smart and elegant.

I love the blue dial....but then I do have a thing for blue dials

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Thanks for the kind words guys

It's def one of the nicest watches out there to own. As the pics show the finishing is just surreal
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Congratulations Anders That is just beautiful
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Anders congrats!! Love the 5711 and you are right the dial is stunning.

Those pics are fantastic. It's on my list of must haves/buys.

Learned something new today, did not know Patek had 1.5's--great to know. Knew AP had.

Enjoy that beauty!
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Congrat Puffy. Nautilus rocks.
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Hi Anders, you have done extraordinarily well my friend! And those are some stunning photographs too. Thank you for sharing them with us!

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Anders - simply outstanding photography of an equally beautiful watch! Congrats mate. I think you have single handedly removed any and all doubts I had about the blue dial 5711
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Originally Posted by Puffy View Post
Hi guys

I've had this beast for a few weeks now and below you can see what i make of it....

some of the highlights for me...
  • Less is more
  • Light
  • Comfortable - this thing is unreal on the wrist, the many many 1/2 links make it hug the wrist
  • Good looking - see below for specifics
  • Under the radar - MOST important for me
  • Uncluttered - the dial is just as sweet as that of the 5167
  • Good lume
  • Resizing is easy - I got the version with bracelet screws as opposed to the pins which is a pain in the arse to work with

Look and feel in details....

When Patek designed the Nautilus both the aesthetic and the functional elements were given equal weight - nothing is left to chance here

Case, Dial, Hands, Lume, Bracelet and Polished Areas all work very well together and it's no wonder this in the world of horology is perceived as the Rolls Royce of sports watches - it truly is the masterpiece

the colours that make up the 5711 are white, black, blue and grey. They are all analogue and bind together extremely well.

Of all the watches I have owned and currently own, this is by far the best crafted of them all. I can't fault the 5711, not even the bracelet which I've always thought was a piece but resized properly it's a the dog's (see pics below for how i resized it)

A few snaps for everyone to look at...

hand in pocket shot. It goes with casual as well as office gear

the box it came in

sweet jesus look at this dial

looks great from all angles

very comfy bracelet

1.5 link to get a super fit

just stunning

so good looking you just have to stop in the street to snap it

next to its mate
OUTSTANDING! P. Diddy, welcome to the Nautilus club!

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Excellent choice!! I went for the 5980.....

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Oh come on....give a guy a chance

An absolute stunner and outstanding shots

Many congratulations ....such an elegant piece. Enjoy

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Very Nice !
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Absolutely beautiful and elegant. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy it in the best of health.
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Congrats, stunning piece, enjoy!
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nick c
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Big congrats Anders! That is one nice watch!
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Congrats Ander, thanks for the watch porn
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Well done mate!

If I didn't already own this watch I would be running to the nearest PP dealer to pick one up after looking at those georgious pictures!

Wear it in good health.
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Exquisite, Beautiful to look at and admire...
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5711 , nautilus

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