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Thats life>>>>

First, God created the donkey.
God said to the donkey:
- 'You are a donkey. You will toil and drag all day long and be called stupid in the head. You will live for 20 years. '
The donkey replied:
- 'Wow then, it does not sound like a good life. Can we not say that I will only be 5 years old? '
God accepted the donkey's proposal.
Then God created the dog.
God said:
- 'You shall be called a dog, live a life of submission, eat leftovers from the dinner table and guard the house. You will live for 35 years. '
The dog said:
- 'Oops, it might not be that fun. Can't I just be 15 years old instead? '
God accepted the dog's suggestion.
Then God created the parrot
God said:
- 'You're called a parrot. You will sit in a corner and repeat everything that is said, to the great annoyance of everyone. You will be 75 years old. '
The parrot wondered:
- 'It sounds very monotonous ... Can't we just say 50 years?'
God accepted the parrot's suggestion.
In the end, God created man.
God said:
- 'You are a man, a man! You should have a good life. You are wise and intelligent, so you will decide in this world. You will be 20 years old. '
The man replied:
- 'It sounds like a really good life, but can it not be a little longer?'
(Now the man shows for the first time a test of his intelligence ..)
- 'Can't I have those 15 years that the donkey did not want, the 20 that the dog refused, and the 25 that were left over from the parrot as well?'
God accepted the man's proposal.
Therefore, the man lives a wonderful life until he turns 20 years old. Then he gets married, to toil and drag for 15 years and be called stupid in the head.
Then he has to completely submit to the needs of the rest of the family, live on leftovers from the table and guard the house for 20 years. For the last 25
years of his life, he sits in a corner and repeats everything that people say, to the great annoyance of everyone around him ...
This message is written in perfect swenglish.

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Good one!
The display of actual intelligence terrifies much of mankind

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Boy is there some truth in this joke. Lol! Very funny! Cheers.
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Spot on - nice! Thanks!
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Very good one! LOL
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