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Dream Car: Achieved!

1986 Toyota MR-2 mk1a

I decided on buying my birth year dream car for myself instead of a second Rolex, and I couldn’t be happier!! I’ve wanted one of these since I was a kid. This will be a little project for me to cherish and play with for a few years. Enjoy!

Instagram: mister_deuce

More pictures as the upgrades start rolling in! I found a specialty shop nearby I am going to work with for some of the heavy lifting.

What are your dream vehicles? Show em if you got em!!
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Beauty - very nice

I’d try & keep it as original as possible if me
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Whoaaa super cool! Congrats
I recently saw an exact one like that and immediately started looking online, they're quite hard to find in good condition for a decent price.

My dream car is a 1965 Porsche 911 in Irish green. Pretty unreachable for now.
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Well Done Kris!
Looks in really nice condition. Wheels look immaculate.
These had a bit of character.
Look nicest with the pop-ups down rather than up.
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Very retro - congrats :-)
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It’s very clean from what I can tell

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Chope Man
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Real Name: Jean-Michel
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The Toyota MR is a funny car. This one is really nice. Congratulations!

As OP asks what is our achieved dream car, here is mine. Very few things to fix (tachymeter link with the gear box, electric loom of the screen washer) and I will at last enjoy this fully restored 1968 Lotus Seven).

She started its like as a racer build as a kit car. After 10 years she had an accident and was then rebuilt and for the first time was put on the road. Sold later on by the original builder and racer to a French specialist, member of the French Lotus Club, who unfortunately had to stop its activity due to health problems. The last 3 Lotus seven still in the garage of this specialist were sent to another, member of the same club (where I have been as well, for now 20 years), this one was among the 3.
And it was finally sold to me, rebuilt with a new chassis from Arch Motors (original provider for Lotus), this time a left hand drive, new aluminium panels, full engine rebuild. With nevertheless several problems to fix.

Had (not talking of the 2001 Jaguar S Type, for the family) 2 Porsche, a 1966 912, a 1988 944 Turbo S (sold) bought a 1998 Lotus Elise (I still have it), got a 1990 Lotus Elan M 100 (sold), but this one is really the one I have dreamed of since I was a boy. Probably because of TV series "The Prisoner" with Patrick Mc Goohan. It was a Series 2 in The Prisoner, but the S3 is more practical.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Lotus-seven-avril-2018.jpg (274.1 KB, 410 views)
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Real Name: Greg
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90s kid here, just picked up my new project/a dream car of mine. I wanted a birth year 94, but this 96 c4 C.E. hardtop convertible will do for now.
Attached Images
File Type: jpeg 6C71B7FD-34E6-4A61-9E35-78977FE12B79.jpeg (285.8 KB, 400 views)
File Type: jpeg FC1D3655-0FB7-4B36-BCF2-FD684C805F60.jpeg (290.4 KB, 396 views)
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Seeet ride.

Good for you. Great pick up.

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Congrats Kris!
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nick c
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Very cool, congratulations. I also like the old Toyota MR2 Turbo
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Congratulations. Have fun.
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Nice wheels K.

Go hard.....
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Nice looking car. Congratulations A girl up the street from me bought one of these brand new. Same color too. Hers was a 5 speed. It's a fun car
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I remember those! So cool to see one again, enjoy!
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1st amg
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Congrats, they're hard to come by, very rare to see one on the road. I remember back in the early ninety's, a friend of mine bought a red one and that car was so impressive at the time. Great car, a go cart! Enjoy
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These 80’s cars are the next ones to start to go in the collector car market. The 70’s stuff has already started to jump up in price for nice examples and these “unique” type cars are next. Nice car and congrats!!! Enjoy your build.

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Love the MK1. Also love the mk2’s
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Nice looks clean.. inspiration to get my 88 Caddy completed
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Nice always like hearing about goals being reached
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Mine was an Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. Red with a tan interior. Bought a pristine one a few years ago. Wife hated it. Sold it and bought a 325ci instead.

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I remember those well, two of my friends had them. Fun cars too! Congrats and Enjoy!
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Nice, never really thought about buying a birth year car, I have a 1990 MK2 Golf and I was born in 1988 so close enough.

I have however thought about a birth year Rolex Submariner.
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Love it. Congrats.
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That's a very clean AW11. Nice find.
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The Libertine
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You must be thrilled- Congratulations!!
The quality will remain when the price is forgotten. ~ Henry Royce

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Awesome find! Congratulations!
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Very cool congrats!


Instagram @thehighlander65
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What a cool MR2. Nice and clean from what I can see in the pics.

Looking forward to more pics. What mods are you going to do?

:c heers:

The other poster with the vette...........did you ever consider the stingray?

I had one .

When I was in High School, I had a Pontiac Trans Am GTA. That Firebird is remembered to this day.
"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."
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East Bay Rider
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Nice car. Congratulations.
I have an unnatural affection for the old full size jeeps. Wagoneers to be specific.
I don't have one yet but I will someday.
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