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Originally Posted by HappyFish View Post
Bucherer Interlaken and Rolex will appreciate your post & photos a lot and i`m sure that Alhajaji Noora never ever get a Rolex again! (Just got it and flipped next day)!

How stu+-+ you have to be to post a warranty card with the full name (of the flipper)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
I'm not as jaded as you, I think it is quite possible it was bought in Switzerland by someone who then took a dislike to the green - decided to sell it in Dubai when on holiday later that week!

To the OP enjoy it and congratulations
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Originally Posted by efthi View Post
Well letís say I am from the Middle East and traveling to Europe where I get a Hulk because I am rich and a regular to an AD (not only watches but high valued Jewellery as well) so I donít happen to like it after all because itís freakin green so guess what??? I sell it right after I get home and someone else gets it... so what??? Letís move on pls

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Good way to turn your post into shit.

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First, congratulations on a great watch!

I'm not sure why everyone is giving you a hard time for showing the name of the flipper and the AD that sold it. Isn't it a good thing to expose flippers? Not that anyone from Rolex is going to see this post because it's not like it will show up in a search unless someone enters the search term "Bucherer of Switzerland flip watches to Alhajaji Noora" lol
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Awesome addition! Congratulations!

On Instagram: jim_romer
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Congrats for going green!
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Why a bad thing ?

Originally Posted by 42itus View Post
Is it a bad thing if flippers and the AD that sold it to them get exposed?
He paid the full asking, and possibly got the tax back what ?

If there is one that should be exposed for the clueless ways of running
a company like Rolex is the decision makers that only worry about
the protective stickers left on the watch, rather than how to improve supply
or how to improve production so the Gigantic black market can die.

All in all today...
only the very rich can buy their sport models, rather than someone
like me who was buying a Rolex when Rolex was kissing your “ring”
to buy their watches ....back then the very rich knew nothing about
a mono-directional bezel.
Smile ya all ...Life is good .
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