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SBGY003 - worth it?

Subjective question, I know. But I have an opportunity to reserve one and I'm not sure I should be spending $8k on this particular watch, even with the SD. But it's such an excellent choice.

I'm headed to Japan in a few weeks. Anybody think I'd find one there? Love the idea of a souvenir to memorialize the trip, but also not sure this is the way to do it.

My new daily is a Rolex 116200 black stick/oyster if this helps.
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I'd wait for the Japan trip. Lower prices and way more choice.
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Thanks, I take your point. I've been up and down some newer seiko catalogs and nothing has spoken to me, but I'm sure that there will be things I can't imagine. Has anyone seen previous models that weren't GS that have similar looks to the elegance collection? I don't love the presage-esque feel.
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Unless you can find SBGY003 for a cheaper price in Japan, otherwise it’s a great choice for a first SD. Seiko usually put power reserve in the back only for special models like Eichi II, I believe this is the first time they have it in the back for a steel SD.
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Yes, I'm really thinking about this. Though at only 700 pieces, it seems so unlikely that I'd find one in Japan but that would be the best of all worlds.

Of course, I would also love to own a SBGJ217, but would need to find a bracelet for it...otherwise I'd be doing something like another 116200 in silver/jubilee. Been trawling the classifieds here for a while.
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Just tried it on today. Awesome watch. Now I want an eichi though won't be able to afford one for a very very long time.
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It is absolutely stunning -

I had no intention to buy after just getting the SBGK005 - but I just could not risk having these evaporate..

700 worldwide for the first ever manual springdrive is quite limited..


worth every penny
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Itís a stunner, my friend and I tried it on last week and end up he took it home!

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Just came back from Japan last week and at the time, the only store that still had the SBGY003 of these was the GS store in Ginza (probably gone by now). Went to nearly 15+ other GS boutiques and large department store dealers in Tokyo and Osaka and none of them had this piece. In contrast, some other limited edition pieces like the SBGK005 were a dime a dozen and on display in nearly all of the boutiques and dept store shops.

Price wise, the SBGY003 was more expensive than in the US. I remember doing the math at the boutique and pre-tax it was slightly greater than $7600+. My recommendation is that if you know you will enjoy this piece, get it from either Japan (for the memory) or US if you come across it since these seem to be harder and harder to come by; honestly, I'm trying to convince myself to drop $7600 on this piece too ;)

I would also suggest checking out some of the 2nd hand used stores since there are occasionally some rare finds. Saw a mint condition SBGJ021 (red hi-beat) in one of the shops for around $6k. But in truth, that was probably the only rare piece that I might have gotten over the SBGY003. All of the other 2nd hand pieces that I came across weren't nearly as beautiful as the SBGY003.
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Thanks everyone. Ended up taking my cash in another direction for now but would definitely look into these secondhand or perhaps others will come next! Really would love this kind of design spring drive with a date. Basically a De Ville Tresor
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