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Originally Posted by superdog View Post
The yoga community likely has a higher rate of pot smokers than any other single community.
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Originally Posted by Laszlo View Post
If, and when, the big tobacco companies begin to grow and distribute wouldn't that add a lot of downward pressure on prices? Isn't this the last thing you'd want if you're an early investor in cottage industry stocks?
i think you'll see continued consolidation on the way. In tobacco there are hundreds of companies but only a handful of majors that are publicly traded, same with alcohol.

It's already happening every couple of weeks where a company gets bought out for cash and stock and if you're holding the acquired company you get a nice 40-60% premium. This is one of the reasons i hold about 25 different companies. I missed out on the CMED one and WeedMD acquisition this week but did well on the Canabo one last month.

The cannabis market incorporates or competes with alcohol, tobacco and pharma and all are potential acquirers.

I do not believe that the margin pressure on the flower is a significant risk. As expressed in the Hydro interview all of the margin is going to come from novel consumer and medical products. The flower itself will be an increasingly irrelevant part of the market, though still significant.

vapes, oils, concentrates, edibles, pills etc etc and all of the medical and consumer oriented intellectual capital that goes along with it with be where the margins go. I think in the Hydro interview he talks about a $0.30 product that sells for $30 that is oil-based. Hell yeah!!
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Originally Posted by superdog View Post
What Iíve learned in general, pot stocks, and most any other is that the vast majority of experts are absolutely full of shit.

Everyone has a theory and they think they are right. But itís all BS. News, tweets, speculation, votes, shady financials, job reports, housing reports etc all drive the markets.

Tons of companies worth billions havenít made a dime. Itís all stupid.

And absolutely no one knows whatís going to happen, until it does. Unless of course they are trading on insider information which also drives the markets.

Based on historic data, Iíll keep my loot in the markets expecting it to grow. But the more I watch, the more I think the ďexpertsĒ, both on tv and in their homes, are idiots.
When a person does not stand up and confront the wheels of injustice they become just another brick in the road.
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