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Originally Posted by son5 View Post
I think for Breitlings, they are supposed to feel that way. It looks fine to me
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Breitling like Panerai are brand watches where you can get away with wearing big watches. Itís in their DNA.

So donít even worry about it.

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My first B was a titanium 44. It was magically light. Ill never sell it - but never say never.
I have an 8 inch wrist and the 46 Bs looks big on my wrist. That's the magic of the B.
Keep it and wear it in good health.
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Looks good, no problem!
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Speaking as somebody with small wrists and wears a Superocean 44, you're all good Bro.
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I had a super avenger ll and had to sell it, amazing piece but too big for my wrist.
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Looks great
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Looks good. Enjoy!
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I think it looks perfect, Breitling wear big. I wear a 44 tag heuer carrera on my small wrist but I donít mind, I love the watch! Some watches wear bigger than others, my max watch size for my wrist is 44 mm, anything above looks too big !
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Jack T
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Since you asked, yes, it looks too big, but it is an awfully nice watch.
Jack T

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Looks ok to me
Next watch you get move to a 42 and see if you like better

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I think itís ok. You donít have lug hangover.

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yes it looks a little big, but what matters is how you feel with it on - I have got a Bentley GT en route as we speak from Holland and I'm sure it will look a tad large - I love the look so as far as I'm concerned if you like it then that's all that matters
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A total non-event - It fits real good - wear it well and enjoy it.....
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Originally Posted by karmatp View Post
It looks good. Keep on enjoying it.
I agree
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Watch Rob
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Looks great!
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Too big.
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It looks fine to me
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It's a little big, but that's just an opinion. Wear a long sleeve shirt when you wear that watch, that will help. Wear a smaller one in the spring and summer with short sleeves.

Originally Posted by royerlich View Post
Hi all. I own my breitling superocean 44 special for over a year and something. Lately ive noticed something and it started to bother me... what do you guys think? Is my watch too big for my wrist?? Its a problem cause im not going to sell it since it was the first "high-end" i bought and it has sentimental value to me. Still i would like to hear some opinions.

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Looks a little large, but not freakish.
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Itís humongous!! My God man, why would u buy this watch...

Said the guy who owns a Panerai 44mm!!

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It's on the big side. I had a SOH46 and realised after four years I was pushing it on my 18cm/7in wrist. No overhang but a bit overbearing. It had to go eventually.
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When I first saw your pictures I thought, yes, a little large. But, there are some things to consider.

What are you used to? I tend to wear 39/40mm watches, which suit me. If I haven’t worn my 42mm Explorer for a bit, it feels large at first, but I soon get used to it. If I wear the Seiko Quartz 100 I wore aged 17, it feels minute.

How does the thickness work for you? My Explorer 2 is relatively thin and wears well. I tried on a Omega Planet Ocean once and it was too thick for me.

What do you wear? An argument against big watches is they hang up on shirt and jacket cuffs. If you don’t wear either due to climate, you can forget about that!

Finally, what do you do? If the watch is picking up dinks and scuffs in everyday use, that’s probably a sign it’s too big. Doesn’t look like yours is.

I don’t necessarily agree about big watches being a Breitling characteristic. Historically they were not big, but they were specialised. I have, however, long thought that Superoceans are very underrated watches.

Some Divers watches are such classics that the makers can never really make changes. The way Breitling re invent each design every few years though, they can. and sometimes that works out very well. I’ve liked most of the Superoceans, and despite it’s size, yours looks clear and legible, without losing any Breitling DNA.

Personally I think you have a watch that is something of a modern classic, it’s still going to look good in 10/20/30 years, and I’m loving that lume! If the size worries you at present, perhaps look at getting another watch a notch smaller, maybe 40mm, for an occasional change.

But... you’re right not to move on the Breitling. With the changing design’s they are a nightmare to try and replace if you realise you’ve made a mistake!
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