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Royal oak vs the new Octo finissimo

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

What do you guys think of the upcoming Octo Finissimo SS satin polished?
Would you still get one if youíve own the Royal oaks?
This watch caught my attention earlier this year and they have recently added a blue dial.

As a big fan of AP myself, I have a 15500st blue and 42mm ROO but recent release does not excite me (except the very few but impossible to get models). The upcoming price increase makes things worse.

Saw these videos and Iím almost sold. Would like to hear from bigger AP fans here, given some similarities between the two.

By monochrome watches:

In Chinese but has great wrist shots
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personally not a fan. itís very impressive for sure, incredibly thin, but iíve tried it on several times and it just doesnít do it for me. i think the kinda large case size plus the super thin design makes it feel incredibly fragile. not saying it is, donít know for sure, but thatís what it feels like to me.
also just generally feels like a more like a toy watch than a high end watch to me. maybe something to do with how light it is. so yea, for me personally while i appreciate how technically impressive it is to make it as thin as it is, design and feel are just not there.
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Royal oak vs the new Octo finissimo

Iíve tried on a number of the models and theyíre very impressive indeed. But somehow, they donít sing to me.

Technologically, theyíre marvels and what Bulgari has accomplished in engineering terms needs to be applauded as they have been. But every time I tried one on, I just didnít get the feel one does from wearing a nice watch. Canít put it any more eloquently/crudely than that, but itís like having a broad piece of metal strapped to your wrist.

The AP RO feel is magical.
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I have tried the ceramic and titanium version. Technical the watch is very impressive but it is not for me. The biggest advantage over most APs is the thickness resp thiness. The braclet adjustment system is also great.

I think it wears very large for a 40mm watch. I have a very flat 7.3 inch wrist and can wear ROOs or Panerais easily, even 47mm watches are sitting completely on my wrist but this one felt very large.
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Royal oak vs the new Octo finissimo

I plan on getting an Octo at some point but it has nothing to do with having or not having a RO.

It is a very different watch that wears very different from the RO - itís thinner, way lighter, blockier and more rigid but I really love the thinner aspect and really appreciate the engineering that went into all aspects of the case. Plan on getting a black ceramic one at some point.

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I am supposed to get the new blue ss one to try in august when the first sellable pieces arrive in hk so will decide when I see it. These steel watches are only mildly interesting in photos. Not sure I need another integrated steel but I will get it a go.

My friends have the Japan edition with the spiral patterns and another friend has the titanium skeleton and they are interesting...
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I think it's interesting as a stand alone watch. Obviously no brand cache, and brands aside, I would argue that the niche the RO plays in a collection is how it catches, reflects, and plays with light as a very dynamic piece to enjoy visually. The octo doesn't quite do the same thing there IMO.
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I had been enamored with the Octo for a long time. Then I tried it on and it did nothing for me. Loved the thinness and bracelet, so comfortable, but the case was far too square and boxy for me and I’ve never been one for squares

Still appreciate it and would enjoy seeing it on someone but i don’t think I’d own one unless my tastes change. I’ll try it on again that’s for sure so who knows
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Not really on my radar, but this is my favorite one yet. I donít plan to go look for it, but Iíd try it on if I happened to see one in a display case.

The hands in particular strike me as fragile or ďtinnyĒ in the video, though.
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The Bulgari Octo Finissimo will not retain its value, and it doesn't appeal to me neither from a horological or a design perspective. Unless fashion watches is your thing, I'd stay away.
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