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Mini Review Omega vs Rolex

Letís discuss a tale of two divers Ė possibly the most peer pieces from both Rolex and Omega.

Rolex Submariner reference 14060M

Omega Seamaster Professional reference 2231.50

Both are 2002-2007 models and were on the market at the same time. In terms of accuracy we should be discussing the Omega Seamaster Professional reference 2254.50 but after having two of those Iíve grown to prefer the titanium variant reference 2231.50. Regardless everything is the same except metal and bezel insert colorÖmore on that later.

These both represent the last of a dying breed for both firms, the tool diver. Yes I know $1800-7000 for a tool watch? Sure, but itís only due to the rising marketplace of both pieces. They are in theory the last generation of the predecessors before them Ė watches that were used as legitimate diving tools. The Rolex 5512-5513 and Omega 300 were the pinnacle of robust dive watches in the 60ís-70ís. In the pre-quartz era you wanted a bombproof and waterproof watch, these were it.

Fast forward to today, we have G-Shocks and Casioís to fulfill the role as a backup timer to a dive computer. They are better tools for the job, end of story. However, some of us still like the robust bombproof design of an auto diver.

Letís start with the Sub.

Rolex Submariner, reference 14060M, circa 2007
12mm thick
Rolex 3130 movement
904L stainless steel

This is the last of the Rolex sports watches. It is the last model to have drilled lugs, 93150 tuna can bracelet, and aluminum bezel insert. It doesnít have the bulky maxi case or the ceramic bezel, it doesnít have the solid end link bracelet Ė itís a lightweight workhorse.

Due to not having those attributes it wears like a stainless sport watch vs a reflective monster of presence. I started off with a current generation Rolex Submariner 114060 but the case and shiny presence made me realize I was wearing something flashier than I wanted. So after a few weeks I moved it for the 14060M. Sent it off to Rik at TimeCare Inc. for a full overhaul and had the hands swapped for those from a 114060 as I prefer the maxi hands.

My thoughts? Itís a great watch but it is still easily recognized as a shiny Rolex, that is OK Ė so it often is worn on a nato strap to fly under the radar a bit more. The lack of AR coating can be annoying if coming off rotation with a watch that has it (everyone in the collection). Other than that it is a great time piece.

Omega Seamaster Professonial 2231.50
11.1mm thick
Omega caliber 1120 (modified ETA 2892)

This is the second time Iíve owned this watch and 4th of the series (2231.50x1 and 2254.50x2). Between the stainless 2254.50 and this I prefer the titanium model. If you are a one watch kinda person Iíd just get the 2254.50 as it is more versatile. If you want a true tool diver then this one is hard to beat.

It is insanely light weight and very comfortable on the wrist. It has the classic speedmaster style bracelet and wonderful clasp. The dial is almost perfect in my opinion as I would prefer it to be solid matte black vs the wavy matte black but it plays tricks on you and looks that way most of the time, so not that big of a deal.

The painted lume smokes that of Rolex and is easily equal to the famous Seiko lume. It really really glows.

The most interesting part, in my opinion is the choice of using a same color aluminum bezel. At first I was searching on how to find a black insert for it Ė but something hit me. I realized that by not having the contrasting black insert every glance at the watch made your eyes focus first on the time. Those big painted markers and sword hands capture your attention every time. Then the bezel comes into focus if you will.

Combine the internal AR coating on the crystal you have another leg up on the Rolex for when it comes to visibility and glare.

My collection is made up of four primary watches: MKII Vantage (favorite), MKII LRRP MilSub, 2231.50, and the 14060M. All of these but one has AR coating, all of these but one has a matte dial, and all of these but one have painted indices. When I went from daily wear of the Rolex back into a rotation of all 4, it was obvious the Rolex was different when it came back up into rotation.

Back to the Omega, it is in essence due to design / dial layout a great titanium beater / field watch that happens to have an elapsed time bezel. This same outcome makes it a lessor dive watch as the elapsed time bezel is the basis of the dive watch design and should be prominent when used as such Ė therefore the core design should have a contrasting bold bezel. Gotta know easily how long you have been underwater. I use mine mostly as a timer of things cause I strap on a tank once every.....hell I've not been diving since 2012.

Both are great watches and I enjoy both Ė but from a practical standpoint the Omega is a better more subtle EDC piece in my opinion as it does a better job at telling time (visually). The Rolex is amazingly accurate for an auto and is consistent at +1 a day since itís last service. The Omega has settled down for a +4 which is still in COSC specs, as it should be. The Rolex also has zero Ė nada Ė no rotor noise whereas the Omega can be heard winding if you get it near your ear. Neither has any bearing on accuracy as both are within spec.

At the end of the day both are great pieces and I am grateful to be able to have both in the collection.

Now for pictures

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Two great divers. That Omega dial design is maybe their best ever... Well perhaps second to the Speedmaster Professional but it is close.
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Love both omega and rolex !
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Interesting read, for me the Rolex Submariner is the better watch, but that's just my humble opinion.
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In this instance I prefer the Submariner. Pitted against my Seamaster 300, Iíd take mine every day over the Submariner.
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My humble opinion two.
I donít even have to pause more than a second to say Sub.

Originally Posted by spoilsofwar01 View Post
Interesting read, for me the Rolex Submariner is the better watch, but that's just my humble opinion.
Good watches are made to tell time but some brands are obsessed to tell it in the most beautiful way possible.
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Thanks for sharing. For me I pick the Rolex on this comparison
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I have the Seamaster Quartz 2264, with the same dial as the Ti, and the 16710 GMT, with essentially the same dial as the Sub. The lume on the SMP is so much better than that of the Rolex that I’ve thought of trading the 16710 for a maxi dial and hands SD116600.
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