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Originally Posted by TheVTCGuy View Post
Yeah, so here is my opinion, my hope, and what I pray for. I have heard a lot of people (some on this thread) with extremely... Pessimistic views. First, I completely understand this is a very serious situation, and I have no knowledge of medicine or (very much) science. If this thread were about flying fighter jets in combat, then I would be a good knowledge base, but itís not. Joey Chitwood forgot more about medicine and science before breakfast this morning then I will know in my whole life. Heck, anyone that got a B in high-school science knows more then me; I fully admit. People have posted here some high-level sources as stating there will be 250,000 deaths from this virus. I choose not to believe it. Here are my reasons.

First, Spanish Flu killed (around) 600,000 in the early 1900s in my country (all of this relates to the US). That was over 100 years ago. Medicine has progressed thousands of times in the last 100 years. If I am correct, there were no antibiotics to fight this with, no ventilators, nothing compared to what we have today. Technology and knowledge are incredibly advanced from that time. I have faith our efforts will pay off.

Second, (about) seven thousand Americanís deaths have been attributed to Corona. My question, how many of these would have succumbed to another flu? Or a pre-existing condition? The most vulnerable are the elderly, and those that have underlying medical issues. I DO NOT BELITTLE ANYONEíS PASSING, I will pray for all those that left us to Rest In Peace, but strictly speaking numbers, how many of those 7,000 would have succumbed to factors other then Corona? I donít think anyone will ever know but it has to be a number.

Lastly, our efforts are unprecedented. In my 50+ years on this planet I have never seen anything like this, stay at home, other methods.

So, I donít believe those numbers of 250,000 deaths. Will I be proved wrong? Very possibly, but until then Iíll continue to have faith and pray those numbers are over-blown. You may agree, or disagree, some on this very thread have called me naive (and worse) and maybe they are correct; but that is what I believe. So, everyone stay safe, take your precautions, and letís all look forward to when this is a memory.
The population was much lower 100 years ago. Let's say roughly 1.8 Billion vs 7.5 billion today. Percentage-wise, let's just hope it does not reach the percentage that the Spanish flu killed.

Other than that, I am hoping and praying that we get nowhere near the expected numbers of 100-250k deaths. I get your point that the 7,000 lives we lost many of which had pre-existing conditions, but they have been taken early from us for no good reason.
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