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Paul, thank you so much for reaching out on behalf of the forum, and doing it so graciously. It was impossible to follow Dave's saga without finding yourself rooting for him, discovering a kinship with him.

Dave was always very clear that it was the doctors & nurses & researchers who did the fighting for him, all he did was merely show up for appointments. That, I think, was extreme modesty. He fought like a lion literally for years and remained kind and courageous all the way to the finish. The man gave a full accounting of himself.
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Awful, awful news, was really hoping for a miracle there, I will miss our chats esp over football. RIP mate.
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Thank you Paul, well said.

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Rest in Peace Dave

Condolences to the family.
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Rest in Peace, Dave.
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Jackie Daytona
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May he rest in peace and condolences to his family.
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I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Dave but by everyone's account he seemed a great man. My thoughts are with him and his family, friends and people here who are going through a difficult time. My run in the morning will be dedicated to Dave and the strength he showed during his fight.

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Thank you Paul for everything, I appreciate you letting us know.
My condolences to Carole, their son, and all of their family and friends.
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Rest in peace
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Originally Posted by TheVTCGuy View Post
Everyone, I hope you are all OK with this, I felt I should respond to Carole and wanted to share what I said.

Dear Carole,

We at TRF are deeply saddened by the loss of such an incredible gentleman as Dave. Thank you very much for letting us know, people from literally all over the world are expressing thoughts and prayers, and support for you, his son, all his family and friends. Please know you are all considered part of the TRF family, and are always welcome. There are several members in the UK (and worldwide) that have expressed a willingness to help, in any possible way, feel free to reach out anytime you need anything, or would just like to chat; we are your family and here always.

Very fitting, Paul.

We all leave this place one way or another. Being well and favorably remembered is the measure of oneís contribution on this rock.

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Does anyone really know what time it is?
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This is sad news of Dave's passing and it brings to mind how short our time is here.

I appreciate Dave's significant contributions to the forums and his commaradorie with other members. I'm sure that Dave is now at peace and in a better place spiritually.

RIP Dave you will be missed.

Thank you Paul for conveying our sentiments.

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RIP Dave. Thank you for your legacy here at TRF.
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Prostate Cancer

I cried so many times reading some of the messages here by Dave. Heartbreaking story.

RIP, Dave. Hope your Carole & your son find solace and peace one day.

Paul, youíre a noble soul. Thank you!

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My condolences and all the strength they need now to the family. Paul thanks for the effort of sending the flowers and the last message about Dave.
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Originally Posted by TheVTCGuy View Post
TRF: I received this Email today.

Dear Friends

I am contacting you to let you know that Dave sadly passed away on 27 August after a long and painful struggle with prostate cancer. He died peacefully in St Teresaís Hospice in Darlington where he had been for five weeks, they provided such marvellous care and support to both Dave and myself in the last weeks of his life, I will be eternally grateful to them.

I would also like to thank you for the beautiful flowers which came a few weeks ago and I apologise for the delay in sending thanks but I had misplaced the card with contact details. We will all miss his wisdom and sense of humour, he was a true gentleman with a beautiful soul and I know he very much valued the friendship and camaraderie of your online community.

He did not wish to have a funeral, just a simple cremation, no flowers just donations to the hospice if people wish, but I will be organising a get together of friends and family in the local pub where we enjoyed many lovely evenings, to remember Dave and celebrate his life in a joyful way. I will let you know of the date and perhaps you may wish to raise a glass in memory of a wonderful man.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes

Carole x

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Awwwwww :( I just found this out. Rest in peace, Dave. Iíll be raising my drink to you. F cancer.

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Originally Posted by daveathall View Post
I thought I would start a new thread to update after my earlier post of "I rang the bell today".

I am now in stage IV Cancer, it has spread extensively to my bones, 2 of my vertebrae have partially collapsed giving me extreme pain in my back and sides, I am taking heavy pain killers to try and manage the pain, Oramorph, Tramadol, Naproxen, Diazepam and Paracetamol. I am going for Radiotherapy on my Femur and back this afternoon and am also booked in for Zoledronic Acid treatment in the very near future which is given through drip at the chemotherapy centre, after that there are other treatments to try. The cancer now is incurable and will get me. I have been referred to the palliative care team.

I am not in a good way, the pain is excruciating and doesn't allow me to do anything. One doesn't fight cancer, its to strong, to mean to beat, what one does is have a wonderful team of doctors and nurses to turn up and do the fighting for oneself, all I do is turn up for the next battle, thats the best I can do. I have heard people say that they are going to "fight the cancer with all they have got." Trust me, it is just a saying, you can't fight it, others do it for you.

I have accepted my fate and am quite calm with it, my family, not so much, their hurt, hurts me so much. Cancer doesn't just spread its hurt through ones body, it spreads its hurt through ones family and friends also, Carole, my wife is heartbroken.

I am not scared of being dead, that will come to us all, what does scare me is dying, I fear dying in pain and that is a distinct possibility. I'm not really sure how long I have got left.

I am very tired and even the most simple of tasks exhausts me, I sleep a lot of the time. When I am awake, I get enjoyment through watching a lot of sport, (not Leeds United, they are shameful). The Indian (IPL) Premier cricket competition is fabulous, as was the snooker. I also enjoy reading the comments on TRF, I am a brash Yorkshireman and says it how I see it, so, to all those I have annoyed, let me say I am sorry.

This illness kills more men than any other, please, please, please, check your PSA every chance you get.


Thank you for the thread
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I was reviewing some of my old threads and I noticed that Dave gave me valuable and sympathetic advice for a knee injury that I had in ‘22. A true gentleman, we will miss him.
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