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Jonathan W. Fink
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Oris Aquis v. Raymond Weil Freelancer Diver: A Head to Head Comparison:

Oris Aquis v. Raymond Weil Freelancer Diver: A Head to Head Comparison:

I just saw a comparison review on Perth watches. I found the comparison interesting because I recently chose the Freelancer over the Aquis. I chose the Freelancer over the Aquis because it better met my needs as an every day watch, it fit me better, and it cost me less. The character at Perth gave the Aquis a marginally higher score. Ultimately, I would grade them a tie.

Anyway, using the criteria from Perth, here is my own quick comparison review:

I just saw your Oris Aquis v. Raymond Weil Freelancer Diver and loved it. The comparison was especially interesting because I just chose the Freelancer over the Aquis.

I grade them a tie. I chose the Raymond Weil because it fit me better and I paid significantly less from an AD which sold both. Using your criteria, I shall try to explain the basis for my grade:

1. Movement: Aquis: 7. Freelancer: 8. Although they possess the same movement, - SW200 - I give the Freelancer the higher score. My Freelancer runs at +5 seconds per day, while the Aquis I tried ran at +15 seconds per day.

2. Case and Bezel: Aquis: 8. Freelancer: 8. I give the watches an equal score, While the Freelancer an equal score because it is less bulky and has a standard lug width (20mm v. proprietary), the Oris case design is more unique.

3. Dial and Crystal: Aquis: 8. Freelancer: 8. I give the watches a tie. The Freelancer wins on the crystal front point because its crystal possesses inner and outer anti reflective coating. The Aquis wins on the dial front because the 12 hour indice differs from the other indices and helps with orientation.

4. Bracelet: Aquis: 8. Freelancer: 8. I give them a tie. The fit and finish of the clasp on the Freelancer is better because it fits more closely to the bracelet. The bracelet of the Freelancer is more versatile because I can dress it up or down. I find the Aquis bracelet to be more unique because the Freelancer bracelet is derivative of Rolex and the Aquis looks like nothing else.

5. Quality: Aquis: 8. Freelancer: 8: Both are ISO certified. Both are surgical grade stainless steel. The Freelancer posseses the better regulated the movement. The Aquis possesses stronger lugs.

6. Style: Aquis: 9. Freelancer: 8. They both possess their own uniquely package dials. However, the Aquis wins on originality. Regardless, both are the least derivative looking dive watches I have seen in many a year.

7. Performance: Aquis: 8. Freelancer: 9. The Freelancer wins because it possesses a better regulated movement.

8. Durability: Aquis: 9. Freelancer: 9. See #5, above.

9. Value: Aquis: 9. Freelancer: 10. My AD priced out the Aquis at more than $1,300, down from $1,8450.00, while they priced the Freelancer at $1,050.00, down from $1,750.00.

10. Brand: Aquis: 9. Freelancer: 7. Oris is a horologically respected and well loved etablisseur with arguably the greatest ongoing commitment to mechanical watches of any non super luxury brand. The only Swiss established I can think of which is more polarizing as Raymond Weil is TAG Heuer.

Total: Aquis: 83. Freelancer: 83.

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