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The Daytona Ghost

Iíve been waiting for a Daytona since at least 2004
When I helped sponsor a 911 GT3Cup car team at LeMans
I found out all winners get a Daytona. Iíve always liked Rolex
but I loved the Daytona. I have had a couple GT3s and I still have
my last one. Well our team finished ok but I wouldnít have got
anything but some sponsor swag had we won. But man I wanted
that watch. In 2006 I was working for the F35 program and the
program office commissioned 50 Breitling quartz watches with
the lightning II emblem on the watch so I bought one and that reignited
my interest in watches. I traded that watch for a Navitimer cosmonaut.
That turned me back to Rolex. But then I had some health issues with
my back. Two surgeries later and about a decade later Iíd retired.
But we moved to Idaho and I was moving some 401k funds around and
I had some funds left over. So I go to my Rolex dealer in 2019 and ask
to buy a Daytona. After she got done laughing she said thereís a 7-10 year
wait. So I asked about a Sub and she said 3-7 year wait. So I was pretty frustrated so I called a 911 buddy to tell him what happened. He is a big
watch guy. Pateks Vacheron Rolex etc. He sold me his no date sub 114060
and it looked brand new. Then he helped me get a Batgirl but I still donít
have a Daytona. So I got back 4 weeks ago because I heard Rolex redid
their lists. But I bought a Omega Speedmaster Racing and got re-established
on the Rolex list but she said they donít even list Daytonas anymore.
So I said crap. But I thought the $16,000 steel Daytona was selling for
$38,000 so why go there? The Gold Daytonas are selling in the 38-40 range
So why pay 230% for a steel Daytona when you can get a Gold Daytona for
110%? So I bit the bullet and bought the 116519LN for 39k
And Iím just over the moon!! The only problem is I donít know when to wear
it. Itís the prettiest thing Iíve ever seen. And the forge marks on the
back are so cool. Thereís mint marks a St Bernard some Scales and the 18k
Mark. It has the Sunburst dial with black sundials.
Iíll post a picture when I figure out how.
Itís on the oyster flex band
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Sorry about the photo. My phone’s camera has exceeded the forum’s capabilities
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Awesome story. Congrats on the watch. It is beautiful
" Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford".
Cindy Crawford

Hypochondria is the only disease I haven't got
RIP Mikey
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Congrats! How cool to be a sponsor of a team at LeMans!!
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The Daytona Ghost

Summed it up well. That is a great grey ghost and flies under the radar.

Now on the team Daytona Winnerís Watch quest, wouldnít the X factor be something North of 800%?

And thatís per year until the team gets a class winÖ

I think youíve done the right thing!

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Does anyone really know what time it is?
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Congratulations Paul, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest
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