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Opinion regarding exchange watches

Hello guys,
I have a friend who from much time want my AP 15407 steel and try with all kind of exchange.
Yesterday for the first time I was interested about his Nautilus 5980 blue dial steel and gold( two tone).
I wondere what is your opinion about this exchange btw AP 15407 and Patek Nautilus 5980 steel and gold model?
I am not decided and also I think AP 15407 itís an hand made art compared with Nautilus 5980Ö.
Whatís your opinions?
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I would personally not go for any two tone watch compared to what you have todayÖ
The full gold one perhaps Iíll look into trading but thatís it.
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The blue dial on the 5980 two tone is sublime, especially with the same color monocounter dial. IMO would not make this trade as I am not a two tone guy. I owned a blue steel 5980 and grew tired of it quickly, you have something much more unique in the 15407 and I believe you would miss it. A more interesting trade would be the full rose gold 5980, assuming you would be okay with the attention a full RG watch comes with.
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I wouldnít do the trade. Your 15407 is more special.
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Horrible trade. Keep the 15407. Don't ever trade that watch. Unless that is you are trading it for a ceramic 15407.
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Would not trade. 5980 is one of many Nautili, 15407 is 15407.
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i don't have a 15407 but to me it's one of very few irreplaceable watches. i don't think i'd trade one for anything
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I wouldn't do it. 15407 is just too special.
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One of the best/most sought after AP's for the 3rd preference combination of another you are downgrading.

Plus I'd personally prefer full RG blue dial 5990 at any rate for the Natalus platform.

I mean if you are looking to do the friend a huge favor, why not?
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Good god no. Pre COVID the two tone nautilus was easily the least desirable nautilus. Trade for. 15407 - you cannot seriously be considering this.
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I canít think of any watch I would trade towards if I owned a 15407. One of the best ever!

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