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Old 28 February 2024, 08:07 AM   #271
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The series of events seems slightly fishy, but I do know of a few people who have been made whole following a scam. Some digging and the right type of pressure can go a long way.

Kat, not saying you are wrong, but it is very common for these type of low-lifes to use a middleman. They are most likely feeding them a completely different story about where the money came from, and why they are getting a small cut for their assistance.
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Old 6 April 2024, 12:54 AM   #272
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Hello guys.

i received the money back from the transfer nade from Spain (6.100usd) The money transferred from my colleague in the US has not been returned though.

It is crazy because if Dawn Hirschy wants to get rid of this mess and decided to return the "spanish" money, why not the domestic transfer as well? Both transfers are included in the ic3 report.

Could anybody help me to contact the FBI to know which kind of legal further steps must be done so that I get my 7.900usd back?

Thanks a lot guys
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Old 6 April 2024, 01:24 AM   #273
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I already have a lawyer and we will bring DAWN ELAINE HIRSCHY to the court but if anyone has any contact in the FBI would be much appreciated,
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Old 23 April 2024, 08:53 AM   #274
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Interesting read... Good luck, OP. Hopefully you will be made whole.
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Old 26 April 2024, 06:57 PM   #275
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Contact local police. The FBI may be interested. They also
have an internet scam site. Even INTERPOL may help you.
If you have his physical address, contact someone in that state. There are TRF members who are active/retired law enforcement.

Wired funds are difficult to recover, but there are other avenues for redress
with a valid physical location.
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Old 10 May 2024, 09:43 AM   #276
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what is this persons name and address?
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Old 10 May 2024, 11:45 AM   #277
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umm ok well as a new member, I wouldn't know who to trust here but also because of that, I wouldn't buy here, I don't know wtf this thread is.

A, a good story.
B, an amazing troll of someone who is bored and needs something to do.
C, someone got ripped off, made some big mistakes and then somehow got some of his money back, which I have never heard of before.

lol what a wild ride, makes me thankful to have a local watch dealer who has been in business for 60+ years and 40 years at their location.

it's scary buying watches sometimes that we all love and people will try to take advantage of that love and use it to blind us to obvious red flags so they can steal our money.

my first watch buy was only 3000Cad but it was before I found my dealer and luckily I didn't get ripped off, if true I hope you get the money back but I wouldn't count on it, if not you should be writing international crime cappers for netflix.
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