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Terrible Boutique Experience

I just wanted to let you all know of my first and last experience with a Panerai Boutique. On Wednesday I called all of the US Boutiques in search of a PAM911. I knew they most likely would not have any and be sold out. I called every single one and to my disbelief, a Florida Boutique had one. I confirmed it was a 911, they sent me photos with the LE number, I send them my credit card, and they charged me. They said they would ship it out next week.

Since I don't have unlimited money, I went ahead and sold one of my watches to make room for the new Panerai. So I sold my Sub yesterday (Thursday).

This morning (Friday), I received a call from the Boutique saying that they can no longer sell me the watch and that they would have to refund me. The sales woman said her Manager had previously sold the watch to another customer, it was already paid for by the other customer, and he picked it up yesterday (Thursday). They didn't even call me to tell me until today (Friday).

How does this happen. If the other customer already paid for it, why did the system let me buy it? How is there no communication, especially on a limited, in-demand piece? Why did they wait over a day to tell me? If they told me yesterday when the other customer apparently picked it up, I'd still have my Sub.

I could go on about the events that actually transpired that they couldn't sell me the watch. Another "bigger" customer decided they wanted it, the manager didn't want to sell it to me as a first time customer, etc. Doesn't matter. I'm royally pissed off. Now I don't have the PAM, and I'm out a Sub, which are not easy to get back these days.

Sorry for venting, but figured you guys should all know.
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Dr. Robert
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Never sell a Rolex for a Panerai
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I am sorry for your experience and hate to say it..its not uncommon...

I am a long time Panerai fan and have worked with a few boutiques...for the last 10 years...
The 911 is the first SE that got the panerai collecting crew active again after a long while...

I reserved one and was allocated on from a boutique. I emailed them saying that I was travelling for work and I will call and close the deal on my return (1.5 week).
This happened to coincide with end of a financial quarter.
I got an email Thursday (day before end of quarter) stating that I need to close ASAP and to contact the boutique. Friday morning I called and was told at the end of Thursday, they had sold the watch to close the quarter.
I made sure they know I was upset.
Richemont's corporate pressure to make numbers for the investors makes the sales staff do stupid things.

sorry for your experience...
too much into watches...
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That's not cool at all. When it comes to this type of purchase and transaction, attention to detail is important and obviously this AD failed you in this department. The PAM 911 is a really interesting piece and one of the better special editions they've done in a long time. Half the time I can't figure out why Panerai does the things it does and other times they get it perfect. It's a shame it cost you a Submariner with nothing to show for it.

If you were willing to part with the Submariner, perhaps the piece didn't really do it for you anyway. I'd press this particular boutique to owe you a future favor. You might have a sour taste in your mouth right now, but I'd try and leverage this defeat into a small victory.
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Oh good. Now the chances of me running into someone in CT with a 911 will be even less! (Sorry, Nick)
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nick c
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Thatís crazy, now no Rolex and no Panerai. I would call them again and give them hell.
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Been there, similar situations where I sell to fund a purchase that does not materialize.

I learned that if I can't buy outright I don't even consider it, most of the time what I do is buy and then sell something.
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yeah shit happens. bought a 911 and sold it a few days after receiving it....the green didn’t do it for me.
just living the dream
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Sorry this had happened to you bud. Maybe you can source one in secondary market cheaper later. Good luck with your search
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Thatís pretty poor sorry to hear.
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Ruud Van Driver
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Originally Posted by Dr. Robert View Post
Never sell a Rolex for a Panerai
I love Panerai and I've been known to get a little shirty when someone bashes the brand, but it's hard to argue with this. That is, of course, unless you're selling something like a DJ to fund a PAM.

Very poor show indeed by the boutique in Florida. Sorry to hear and I hope you source one or the other real soon. Good luck

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Thatís horrible to hear. Itís unfortunate that Richemont is so much about chasing $ than providing amazing customer service.
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That's unfortunate to hear.. but It does happen from what I've heard to many brands, not just Panerai
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